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Free HELICOPTER Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Helicopters are incredible machines, in my opinion. I am not a physics expert, but I think that the science behind helicopters is really cool. Helicopters are used in many different ways and by many various trades. Printable helicopter coloring pages are an excellent way for kids who love these machines to have a fun activity. If your child is a helicopter enthusiast, then these coloring pages will be perfect for them.

Welcome to our collection of free HELICOPTER coloring pages. Click the Helicopter pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Helicopter coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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A Little About Helicopters

One of the best things about helicopters is how they can access hard-to-reach areas. Unlike airplanes, helicopters can hover and move straight up and down. Thus, they are incredibly useful. Helicopters are used heavily in military operations, search and rescue, emergencies, hospitals, fighting fires, airborne photography, and film for news stations and movie makers. Helicopters can travel incredibly fast, traveling well over 100 miles per hour. Helicopters can also lift incredibly heavy objects as well.

Coloring Helicopters

One of the many advantages of coloring helicopters is that there are a large variety of choppers. Your child will love experiencing the different styles of helicopters and coloring them. A military helicopter is vastly different from a hospital helicopter. The colors can vary, and your children will have an opportunity to practice their creativity with their colored pencils or crayons.

I love that helicopter coloring pages can be as simple or complex as needed. Preschoolers or toddlers may want to color a cartoon helicopter or other simple illustrations. If you have older kids, then more detailed helicopter pictures are also available. No matter how old your kids are, there are some fun helicopter coloring pages for them and their friends.

Types of Helicopters

Now, I will not go into the specs of the different types of helicopters, but I do want to point out the different types of helicopters that your kid may want to color. I am not talking about other models, but I am speaking about the kinds of scenes your kids will see in the pictures. Here are a few of the types of helicopters your kids may want to color.

An army helicopter is very distinct due to their unique body style and the presence of guns. Militaries worldwide use combat helicopters to transport troops, provide air support, and as rescue vehicles for troops in trouble. Your kids will love coloring these tough-looking helicopters and the scenes that go along with them.

Firefighting helicopters are another easily distinguished use of these aerial vehicles. I think this is primarily because of the giant buckets of water hanging from cables underneath the chopper. Pictures that showcase a firefighting helicopter will be fun to color and help children understand one of the actual uses of helicopters.

Police and medical helicopters will be noticeable due to the medical symbols or police symbols outside the aircraft. These helicopters are generally smaller and look like they are geared for speed rather than transporting groups of people. But, these pictures of emergency helicopters will help your kids know what other things helicopters are used for,

Helicopters in Popular Culture

Several popular franchises showcase helicopters. Perhaps the most popular among young children is the show Paw Patrol. In this show, several puppies rescue individuals with their impressive emergency vehicles. One puppy named Sky is frequently seen on the show with her helicopter performing air rescues. Kids that love the show will also love coloring Sky and her helicopter.

Other popular movie franchises and companies that showcase helicopters are Lego, Disney/Pixar’s Cars, and the Transformers franchise. Look for helicopter coloring pages set in these fun worlds as well.

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