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How to Draw a Shooting Star in 9 Easy Steps

Drawing a simple shooting star.


First of all, shooting stars are great and amazing to see, but have you ever stopped to think about what they are, how they are made, and why they appear to “shoot” through the night sky?

Did you pose for a while and ask? Is a shooting star truly a star? The answer is no, shooting starts are more closely related to meteoroids or meteorites than to actual stars. Small pebbles and dust particles called shooting stars to travel through space and arrive on Earth.

While hurtling towards earth, the phenomenon burns up in the atmosphere, casting dazzling, streaking light in the night sky that resembles a star-traveling quickly over the sky.

Now, it’s your turn to learn how to draw a Shooting Star in 9 easy steps! Simply follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Drawing a simple shooting star.


  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Guide

A plain circle first step in drawing shooting star.

The first thing we do is to draw the guide for as to be easier for you to make a shooting star. Now, I want you to draw a big perfect circle on your paper. You can use an object to trace a perfect circle. Again, this big circle will serve as your guide in drawing a shooting star. 

Step 2: Add Another Guide

Small circle between a big circle.

This time, we will draw another guide, to do this, draw a small perfect circle inside in the middle of the big circle that you made in step one. You will appreciate this guide later because this will really help you in making a perfect star. 

Step 3: Draw the Star

Star inside the circle.

In this step, we will be using circles to draw the perfect star. Just simply draw an inverted long letter V inside it. Start drawing it from the small circle going up to the big circle then go back to the small circle. Do this 6 times and after that, you’ll see the result. 

Step 4: Remove the Guide

Removing guides to draw a star.

Now that we are done drawing the star, let’s erase the guide. I want you to carefully erase the small circle and the big circle. Make sure that after erasing the circles the stars are still good to look at. Now, you are done drawing the star.

Step 5: Add the Tail or Steak

Drawing a tail of a shooting star.

Now that we are done drawing the star let’s proceed to the tail or streak of the shooting star. In this step, we will be using a long-curved line for the tail. To do this, just simply draw a curve from the upper arm of the star and then drag it up. The size of the tail will all be up to you.

Step 6: Complete the Tail

Drawing second tail of the shooting star.

To complete the tail of our shooting star, let’s add another long-curved line to it. Draw this from the same area of the first long-curved line then drag it up. The sizes of the two long-curved lines must be the same. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 7: Add Details

Adding details to draw a shooting star.

Now that we are done with the tail let’s add details to it. In the bottom part of the tail, draw a curved V shape in the center. If possible, draw a long curve V shape to see it clearly. Do not connect the V shape to the tip of the tail.

Step 8: Add More Details

Eight step in drawing a shooting star.

Now let’s add more V shapes to the same area to close the tail of the shooting star. Start drawing it from the tip of the tail then connect it to the V shape that is found in the middle of the tail. Then do the same until you reach the bottom part. If you are confused see the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 9: Finish up!

Final step in drawing a shooting star with colors.

Congratulations you made it. This time color your shooting star with the color yellow. Make sure to color it properly. If you want to add something to your drawing, then feel free to do it. Show your creativity in this area and see for yourself the result of your creativity.

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