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How to Draw the Moon in 6 Simple Steps

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Moon is not classified as a planet instead it’s called a natural satellite because it orbits the earth. The moon goes one mile every two seconds. It only takes about 27 days for the moon to completely orbit the earth. Like the earth, the moon is made of rock and metal. Moon doesn’t change color; it is always grey. It doesn’t make its light; it reflects the light from the sun. There are 8 phases of the moon, and this is the reason why sometimes when we look at the moon, we see half of it and so on. To reach the moon, it takes astronauts about 3 days to get there.

Since it’s not easy to see or reach the moon, let’s try to draw our moon by following the simple steps on how to do it. With the help of this tutorial, you can have your moon inside your room. So, let’s be excited about exploring our moon. 

Step 1: Draw the Shape Guide

Let’s draw a big circle on your paper. This big circle will serve as your guide in drawing your moon.  You can use an object to get a perfect circle for your moon. Make sure to trace it properly for you to be guided on the next step.

Step 2: Add a Curve Line

In this step, we will add more curve lines to see our perfect moon. Let’s begin drawing a curve line, from the middle top part of the circle crossing to the middle bottom part of the circle. This curve looks like an inverted letter C. The curve line is facing on the left side.

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Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

The next step is to remove some curve lines that are not important to your drawing. Erase the curve line that connects to the curve line that is located in the middle. Do not include the tip of the two remaining curve lines that connect. From the top of the right curve line, measure 2 inches then draw a small perfect circle. Then do it on the left side same distance from the top but draw a smaller circle than you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 4: Complete the Eyes

We are done with our guide eyes of our moon. So, let’s use these guide eyes to draw a perfect eye for our moon. In both guide eyes, draw a shaded crescent shape inside the two circles. That will serve as the pupil of the eyes.

Step 5: Draw the Mouth

The eyes of your moon were perfectly done. Now to show the happy face of your moon, let’s draw a simple mouth. From the lower part of the eyes, draw a letter C that is facing upward. Now our moon is smiling.

Step 6: Finish up!

The moon is smiling at you because you are doing good in your drawing. I hope you are also smiling just like the moon. Now let’s complete your drawing by adding some color to it. It’s your turn to pick a color for your moon. You can put stars too, around the moon if you want. Enjoy and congratulations!

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