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Free WINGS OF FIRE Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

The Wings of Fire coloring sheets and books are a huge hit around our house. We are big dragon fans and appreciate the fantasy behind this book series in particular. To supplement the books, which cover 15 individual titles plus several graphic novels, we are turning to Wings of Fire coloring online printables. There are so many free Wings of Fire printables that can be used to bring this story series to life!

Welcome to our collection of free WINGS OF FIRE coloring pages. Click the Wings Of Fire pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Wings Of Fire coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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About Wings of Fire Coloring Pages Dragons

The Wings of Fire characters are all based on the fantasy novel written by Tui T. Sutherland. I have read all of the books in the Wings of Fire series. The main idea here is that there are several types of dragons in the Wings of Fire coloring pages series. These include eight dragon types:

  • IceWings
  • FlameWings
  • MudWings
  • NightWings
  • RainWings
  • SandWings
  • SeaWings
  • SkyWings

As imagined, these names indicate where the dragons live in Pyrrhia–in the sea, in the rainforest, in the sand, etc. Whether we want to choose SeaWing coloring pages or Wings of Fire coloring pages IceWing, there are plenty of options for free online.  

I think of Wings of Fire dragons in color, but there are more than just the dragons that are the main characters. Winter, Moon, Turtle, Scarlet, Peril…dozens of characters are found in these books. Start with pictures of NightWings from Wings of Fire and continue with Glory Wings of Fire coloring pages.

There is even a Wings of Fire dragon template to download. This lets every artist create their own dragon! It’s fun to envision what a dragon might look like if it were sitting right there at the art table coloring, too. Of course, coloring on paper with a firebreathing dragon is never the safest, so I would recommend keeping all living dragons outside during this art project. Stuffed dragons are a different matter altogether, especially if these are Wings of Fire character dragons!

The Wings of Fire Books Lists

To help my household figure out which characters and books for coloring pages of dragons are the right ones, we had to make a list of the books. Here are the names of the Wings of Fire books and series:

The Dragonet Prophecy Books #1-5

  • #1: The Dragonet Prophecy
  • #2: The Lost Heir
  • #3: The Hidden Kingdom
  • #4: The Dark Secret
  • #5: The Brightest Night

The Jade Mountain Prophecy Books #6-10

  • #6: Moon Rising
  • #7: Winter Turning
  • #8: Escaping Peril                        
  • #9: Talons of Power                        
  • #10: Darkness of Dragons        

The Lost Continent Prophecy Books #11-15                

  • #11: The Lost Continent                      
  • #12: The Hive Queen                        
  • #13: The Poison Jungle
  • #14: The Dangerous Gift
  • #15: The Flames of Hope

There are other books I have found in the series of Wings of Fire. These include the Legends and Winglets series. My son really likes the graphic novel versions, which cover The Dragonet Prophecy through The Brightest Night. The Wings of Fire coloring page options for these books are even more exciting. That’s because they have a new illustration style that matches the graphic novels.

Wings of Fire Coloring Pages Printable for Free

To find the best Wings of Fire printables, simply search this site. Find everything from Wings of Fire SilkWing coloring pages featuring a more illusive dragon, to a more popular SeaWing coloring page to print! A Wings of Fire RainWing coloring pages set is an ideal option for a rainy day activity. Imagining we are all RainWing dragons flying out into the breeze and watery weather makes the day go by a lot quicker!

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