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Free VIKING Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

I have developed a great passion for the fascinating history and culture of the Vikings. The Vikings hold medals for their innovative farming skills and architecture, rich mythology, and for being superior warriors. This gives a reason why the Vikings are featured in many TV series, kids’ games, films, and books.

Welcome to our collection of free VIKING coloring pages. Click the Viking pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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The availability of a large collection of Viking coloring pages feature for kids provides me with a huge platform for coloring that can reflect my liking for the Vikings. I have lots of fun showing off my brilliant skills in the Viking coloring pages. Be entertained with my brilliant Vikings coloring adventure.

Imagination to Color Different Scenarios

I am captivated and drawn by the beautiful and amazing Viking characters. With the current existence of the Vikings, I am compelled to bring out amazing colored photos that can bring their memories back to life. In my mind, I am presented with wonderful Viking images that I can put, on paper and use advanced coloring techniques that bring out the exact features of the Vikings.

The Brave Viking

My first amazing image is of the courageous and brave Viking. In this picture, the Viking is dressed in a thick pelt wrapped around his shoulders. We all know Vikings live in extremely cold, fierce, and harsh environments. I will quickly pick out my cold and dark colors that will openly highlight and bring out the Vikings’ serious feelings. Warm shades of blue in his surroundings will represent his powers. 

Ready For Battling Viking

Presented to me is a detailed image of a Viking ready to battle. The Viking is fully armored and has many weapons bandaged on his chest. I will boldly color the surroundings with white as a symbol of hope, shade some weapons with black to indicate danger, and bring out light shades of red that spark an alert of incoming danger. Colored markers, pens, and pencils will definitely give me precision and control over any tiny detail in this image.

Female Viking Warriors

Amongst the Vikings were the shield maidens, who were brave and accompanied the male warriors to the battlefields, reflecting gender equality in this community. Captured in this image is a noble and fearless female warrior. I will color her surroundings with brighter shades of black as an indication of her life transition. A brighter shade of cinnabar red around her sword is a good expression of her powers and how she can conquer enemies in her surroundings. You are not tied to flow with my color decisions, a lot of techniques are available on how you can bring out the brilliant nature of the female Viking warrior.

Big Beard Viking

The Viking is seen to possess long and bushy unkempt beards. With this image, I am provided with a variety of cool ways of coloring beards. I will quickly pull out lighter shades of black and bring out small strokes in the beard area to create a rough hairy texture. Alternatively, I could color the beards with lighter shades of red to symbolize the ancient Vikings.

Viking with a Horned Helmet

One of my best adventures is with this Viking. He appears to have a tensed look and leaves me with a detailed composition to present through coloring it. I will swiftly draw small pictures or images of his background that bring out his tensed nature. Lighter shades of brown around his cheek areas will be a clear description of his emotions. Gray will be a perfect color around the helmet area.

The Yelling Viking

Pictured is a Viking shouting at the top of his lungs, and I bring to my imagination that he must be in the heat of battle. For this detailed image, I will use warm and intense colors like blue to highlight the anger in this Viking. Red around his feet will be a clear symbol of bloodshed and black strokes in his surroundings will be a good indication of death amongst people.


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