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Free VEGGIETALES Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

It can be hard to talk to your kids about your values and beliefs, and young kids probably aren’t ready to have serious, sober conversations or read the bible yet. VeggieTales, a cartoon TV show about cute, plump vegetables who show both good behavior and faith, is about putting those values in a form that’s fun and approachable for kids—it’s wholesome, but also fun enough to hold their attention. For kids who are already fans of VeggieTales or those who are totally new to it, these coloring pages are a great way to have some wholesome fun.

Welcome to our collection of free VEGGIETALES coloring pages. Click the VeggieTales pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every VeggieTales coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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All the main characters of the show are brightly colored, round, and easy to color in: there’s Bob the Tomato who is bright red with a green stem, Larry the Cucumber who is shiny and green, and Mr. Lunt, the pale yellow gourd with a hat and gold tooth. There’s also Junior Asparagus, Mr. Nezzer the zucchini, and Pa Grape with his beard, glasses, and hat. All the characters share a cuddly, inviting art style that kids will find easy to engage with and color in however they want.

The veggie tales characters go on plenty of adventures and play different roles in each story—there’s a core cast of characters in the show that dons different costumes according to whatever the story of the day is. This means there is a ton of variation in their appearances, and lots of different costumes to spark kids’ imaginations as they color them in. Sometimes Bob, Larry, or Mr. Lunt are dressed up as biblical characters, like when they’re wearing shepherd’s outfits, or when they’re playing the three kings from the east that visit Jesus when he’s born. There’s a Christmas version of each character, an Easter version, a cowboy getup, and even a pirate outfit—the possibilities for coloring are endless!

The VeggieTales characters were designed by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki back in the early days of computer animation when characters couldn’t be so detailed, so they’re as simple looking as possible, and every part of them is round. While each one is a different vegetable, they all have the same distinctive, round eyes and mouth, and since they would have been too hard to animate if they had legs, they move by goofily bouncing around, something that comes across even in still images. Some characters that were added to series, later on, may have arms and legs, but the classic VeggieTales characters have kept their cuddly, plump appearance.

Most VeggieTales stories feature some kind of ethical problem that has a biblical tie-in: in one show, Junior Asparagus has to learn the importance of forgiveness when a family of cranky grapes keeps insulting him, even after he’s asked them to stop. He then finds the strength to forgive them when Qwerty the computer reads him Matthew 18:22, telling him to forgive the grapes not just twice but “seventy times seven” times. Kids that watch VeggieTales will pick up on the message that the bible helps us to be good in daily life, and they can interact with these fun and wholesome characters by coloring them in as well.

The settings of the VeggieTales adventures make great coloring scenes. One episode features a moon visit, another a trip to ancient Israel, another takes the Veggies on a high-seas voyage, one features a trip to medieval times, and so on. Each one features its own costumes, side characters, props, and provides a setting for a young imagination to run wild. The exciting variety of colors and shapes will keep kids interested in the VeggieTales world and make Larry, Bob, and Mr. Lunt familiar friends.

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