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Free TURKEY Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Raise your hand if the only Turkeys you’ve ever seen have been atop the dinner table, cooked, and ready for Thanksgiving. Cooked turkeys might be more popular, but don’t turn your back on this bird just yet. Turkeys live in the wild or they gobble-gobble around on the farm and, while they look slightly paranoid, who can blame them?

Turkeys have seen the dark side of Old Macdonald’s Farm. And now I’m thinking that perhaps its bird-gaze is less paranoia and more permanent shock.

Welcome to our collection of free TURKEY coloring pages. Click the TURKEY pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every TURKEY coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Turkeys are quite mysterious. So I’m going to share some turkey truths today, that prove turkeys are super cool and special. You probably don’t know how turkeys behave in the wild or what they do when nobody is home on the farm. So, let’s explore turkeys and their magical world.

What is a Turkey’s Gobbler Called?

A turkey has a small noggin and the red-colored jiggle that hangs from it is called a snood. The other red jiggly-wiggle around a turkey’s neck is known as its wattle. You can color the turkey of your choice with many free downloadable coloring pages. Color the turkey’s feathers brown and color its jiggle bright red. A turkey’s snood isn’t just for decoration. It tells other turkeys a lot about how healthy, strong, and attractive he is. The longest snood attracts all the hens around town. Additionally, long snoods signal greater strength, testosterone, and aggression, telling other males to pack up and go home because they will not win this fight. The long snood turkey typically wins fights.

Snoods also show whether a turkey is clean from parasites. Long snoods are typically healthier and don’t suffer from parasitic infestation. Unlike turkey-toms with shorter snoods and inferior health.

How Intelligent is a Turkey?

Turkeys branched off from their wild cousin, the wild turkey, and were domesticated. Often, turkeys get the short end of the intelligence stick. The common assumption has, for a long time, been that turkeys tend to be quite dumb. However, as more researchers study turkeys and their weird quirks and strange worlds, they are realizing that turkeys are not dumb at all.

Turkeys aren’t the brightest birds when it comes to complex problem-solving skills, but they have a knack for surviving in non-traditional turkey habitats, like cities, for instance. They are able to adapt to eating all kinds of different foods, and what’s really neat, turkeys have very structured and complex social structures.

Like humans, turkeys want approval from other turkeys and enjoy social interactions within their turkey group. You can also be social with turkey coloring pages. Just grab a friend, some awesome crayons, and start coloring some cool turkeys!

Wild turkeys are starkly different from their domesticated cousins–they’re apparently smarter, too. But considering wild turkeys are more exposed to the world and therefore can learn through their interactions with it and within it, this disparity between the turkey cousins isn’t shocking.

Do Turkeys Have Feelings?

Are you surprised to learn that a turkey has emotions similar to the emotional range felt by humans? That’s right. Turkeys can experience anxiety, fear, frustration, enjoyment, and pleasure. Turkeys can feel pain and suffer, as well. Many humans have the false belief that turkeys aren’t capable of experiencing deep emotional states, and therefore are not capable of feeling physical pain. However, this is not true as we’ve just learned.

You have so many reasons to love turkeys and think about them from time to time. Turkeys may appear goofy with their wattles and jiggly snoods, but maybe they are ultimately misunderstood. But just when you thought turkeys were already too cool, know that wild turkeys run up to 25 mph and fly around 55 mph. Turkey’s rock!

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