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Free PARROTS Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

From a coloring page that features Fernando looking at Blu and Jewel bickering at each other to one that boasts a picture of Blu, Jewel, Nico, and Pedro enjoying, dancing, and having a party, the parrots from the 2011 animated movie, Rio, are front and center on the Parrots coloring pages.

Welcome to our collection of free PARROTS coloring pages. Click the Parrots pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Parrots coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Fernando looking at Blu and Jewel bickering at each other.


Blu, Jewel, Nico, and Pedro enjoying, dancing, and having a party.


Illustration of Jewel and Rafael flying away while leaving Blu on the ground.


Illustration of three parrots flying over a camping ground.


Illustration of two parrots sitting next to each other on top of a branch.


Illustration of fabulous parrots with majestic butterflies.


Illustration of a parrot wearing a bowtie and raising one of its hand.


Blu, Jewel, and their child, stealing and eating fruits under the table.


Fabulous parrot standing in the middle of beautiful flowers.


Blu and his children spending some time together while cooking on the kitchen.


Illustration of a parrot standing on the ground and surrounded by grass.


Illustration of a mature parrot standing on the ground.


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The movie features the main characters, who are touted as the last pair of Spix macaws, a type of parrot, in the entire world and throughout the movie, Blu and Jewel, are featured as blue macaws. In the popular movie, the voice of the animated character Blu is played by Jesse Eisenberg while Anne Hathaway voices the lines of Jewel.

Each parrot coloring page is designed to allow your younger children or older children to create amazing pictures of these beautiful and interesting birds.

While many people opt to purchase a parakeet to have as a family pet in a cage in their home, some people go for a beautiful parrot. When I worked as a social worker in a neighboring county, we had a family who had a parrot who is able to fly free in their home. She had a very large contraption in their kitchen where she could perch, hang upside down, and entertain the family and visitors alike. Her human parents were foster parents for our agency so I went there many times in this parrot was very impressive. They left the radio on for her when they were not home and when they returned, she would talk to them and tell them the weather and even make the sounds of static if there had been static that day on the radio. She would also hang upside down and every time their dog walked underneath her purge, she would say get out of my way, dog, just like the father of the home would say when the dog would get underfoot.

Parents are amazing birds and extremely intelligent which is the reason you can teach them to talk fairly easily. Blu and Jewel’s characters in the movie Rio are considered to each be a Spix’s Macaw who are very charming parrots. Blu is trying to save his parrot species after traveling thousands of miles but the Brazilian bird is now considered to be extinct in the wild. There are many other types of parrots in the world, too, including the African Grey Parrot, Pionus parrots, Indian Ringneck, and even the Amazon parrot.

The Macaw parrot is a colorful bird that is considered to be part of a bird rescue to attempt to save the species since they make a great pet bird and are a beautiful bird and part of the group of exotic birds.

These legendary pets are a cute bird that can be purchased from a breeder and you can even obtain a companion parrot so they are never lonely. Whether you will allow your pet parrot to be flying around your kitchen or not is totally up to you but in the meantime, you can opt to use these amazing free printable parrots coloring pages to allow your children to learn more about this particular animal and other wildlife. They can use colored pencil, crayon, paint, or markers to color and display each printable sheet individually or put them together to create a coloring book to show off to their friends and family members.

Each coloring sheet features a different scene that features exotic parrots, including one of a cute smiling parrot sitting on a branch. Another illustration features a mature parrot standing on the ground.

From the picture of a parrot standing on the ground and surrounded by grass to a beautiful female parrot flying over a forest, your children will enjoy using their creativity and imagination to create beautiful pictures from these amazing free parrots coloring pages.

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