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Free SIMPLE Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Sometimes, an adult coloring page can look daunting, busy, and not very fun for those who like to color. Occasionally, coloring something simpler can do wonders for your creativity. This can be true of older kids as well. Also, children just learning to color will benefit significantly from simple coloring pages. If you or your children need some easy coloring pages, then read on to see some popular coloring pages that won’t intimidate the artist.

Welcome to our collection of free SIMPLE coloring pages. Click the pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

A three-layered cake with dripping icing and heart decorations on top.


An illustration of a cute panda bear sitting happily with squares in the background.


A cartoon illustration of different kinds of ice creams set side by side.


An illustration of five large pumpkins growing healthily.


An illustration of an adult cheetah with different kinds of leaves around it.


An illustration of a cute cheetah posing in front of a palm tree.


An illustration of cute and chubby cow with a large bell standing inside the barn.


An illustration of a cow with cute eyes standing in the grass.


An illustration of a nice view of the beach with an umbrella and other beach accessories set up.


An illustration of four minions with different facial expressions and outfits.


An illustration of a smiling snowman wearing a magician’s hat and a scarf in front of two mountains.


An illustration of a fire truck parked in the fire station with a bell on top.


An illustration of a big box truck parked beside the road.


A kawaii sushi and two smiling bowls with food inside them.


An illustration of four happy wolf pups playing, sitting, and standing.


Illustration of a baby dinosaur with its head inside a cloud.


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For Younger Kids

If your child is still working on their motor skills and is still focusing on staying inside the lines, then a simple coloring page with lots of white areas to fill will be ideal. These coloring pages can range from cute animals, familiar scenes, or even household objects. The important part is that your child has fun coloring a picture that they are interested in.

Some of the simple coloring pages for younger kids depict various animals. Simplified versions of dogs, cats, and birds can be fun because they are animals they probably see regularly. Others like a turtle, owl, or pig may be less common but still recognizable for a toddler.

Younger kids are like sponges and absorb what goes on around them. Therefore, some simple coloring pages depicting seasons and holidays around the child can be fun. Simple Christmas coloring pages in December will be fun. Preschoolers may enjoy coloring a Halloween scene, a flower for spring, or a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Younger children also love to color pictures of what they are learning about. Alphabet coloring pages or pages designed for color recognition, like a picture of a rainbow, can be fun. As your child enjoys these types of coloring pages, they also benefit from reviewing essential concepts.

For Older Kids

Older kids may want some more accessible coloring pages that match their interests. They also will enjoy coloring pictures depicting the animal kingdom or some seasonal scenes from a nearby holiday. Older kids will probably enjoy fuller scenes rather than just a single subject on a page that younger kids will like. A simple coloring page for older kids can look like a complete scene, but with plenty of white space and not too many lines.

Coloring sheets of their favorite shows or movies can be popular. There are simple coloring pages depicting characters from kid shows like Pokémon, My Little Pony, and Transformers. These pages are still simple in concept, but they are excellent options for kids with a favorite character from a show or movie. Perhaps, some simple coloring pages depicting a favorite princess or superhero would be a better option for your child. If they want a less complicated picture, it is fun to know there are still options amongst their favorite characters.

For Adults

There is a difference between a simple coloring page for a younger child, an older child, and an adult. However, if your idea of a simple coloring page falls more in line with what was described for younger or older kids, then that is fine. Have fun with your coloring. But, a simple coloring page for an adult can simply mean a coloring page that doesn’t look like an uber-complex stained glass window. Perhaps, a picture with more room for ideas and creativity due to less business in the drawing.

Simple coloring pages depicting a landscape, rustic castle, city skyline, or a majestic animal can be just what you are looking for. Simple coloring pages for adults can be a relief to color and enjoy before diving into something more complex and time-consuming. Adults can thrive with the wide variety of options available to them. Whether it is a holiday decoration or craft, a hobby, or a method of stress relief, adults will love coloring these simple coloring pages.

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