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Free PANDA BEARS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

What’s black and white, loves to eat bamboo, and is adored by everyone? It’s a panda bear, that’s what! There are many things to love about these gentle giants, and our panda bears coloring pages will help you explore it all. You will never get enough of these worksheets because each panda bear coloring page will keep you entertained with fun, beautiful illustrations. 

Welcome to our collection of free PANDA BEARS coloring pages. Click the Panda pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Panda coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

A hairy panda bear sitting on the grass beside a bamboo plant.


A happy panda bear wearing pirate outfit while sailing on a boat.


A cartoon illustration of a panda bear standing in the woods.


A smiling panda bear sitting on the grass while holding a flower.


A cute panda bear wearing a hat and playing the flute with the butterflies.


A mosaic illustration of a panda bear lying and holding a leaf.


An illustration of a panda bear with a bulging tummy eating a leaf.


Panda bear wearing a party hat and blowing a party horn.


An illustration of a cute panda bear sitting happily with squares in the background.


A happy panda bear eating a watermelon with bamboos in the background.


Cartoon illustration of a panda bear climbing a bamboo pole.


Panda bear sitting and eating a plant near the tall and lovely flowers.


A panda bear wearing a bag and holding a book while walking to school.


A cute panda bear waving his hand while holding a star.


An illustration of a cute panda bear peaking between the bamboo plants.


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Learn About Panda Bears With These Free Printable Coloring Pages

When it comes to fascinating creatures, panda bears are undoubtedly on the top list. Even scientists love to study the giant pandas that are China’s national treasure. There’s been a lot of debate over whether giant pandas are related to bears or raccoons. 

Scientists finally concluded that the giant panda is more closely related to bears, while the red panda belongs to the Ailuridae family. It’s hard to argue with that because a giant panda really looks like a bear, only more interesting. They have thick, woolly coats and can weigh as much as your typical black bear. The white on their coats also puts you in mind of a polar bear.

Despite their big size, giant pandas hardly look intimidating. That’s because they are so cute! They are only one of the few animals without natural enemies. Everything about pandas is adorable, including their round and upright ears, white coats with black patches, and white tails.

There are also many interesting and cool facts associated with giant pandas. For instance, they spend about 12 hours a day eating bamboo to get the energy they need. Also, although panda bears can grow to a considerable size, a baby panda is teeny-tiny, blind, and hairless when born. 

The baby panda is about the size of a stick of butter and weighs around 100g, which means it’s 900 times smaller than the mother panda. There’s more to discover about this animal. Each cute panda coloring page gets you up close and personal with these bamboo bears or large bear cats, as the Chinese like to call them.

Pick a Panda Bear Coloring Page and Start Coloring!

We have got plenty of panda bears coloring pages in our collection, and you will enjoy working on each coloring sheet or drawing. You’ll love shading the panda bear’s coat so they have the proper markings. The rule of thumb is that giant panda bears have a white face, neck, belly, rump, and tail. They also have black ears and legs and a black band covering their backs. Not to mention the black patches on their eyes, which make them look so goofy and loveable. 

With panda bears, it’s not all black and white color because our drawings also include a detailed background that shows the panda in its natural habitat, plus other different environments. So when coloring, you’ll need to bring out all the types of colored pencils, crayons, markers, and pens to add interest to each illustration.

Pandas are so interesting they even made a movie about a panda called Po, who begins the story as a goofy and clumsy panda working in his father’s noodle shop. However, Po eventually unlocks his inner Kung Fu to become the Dragon Warrior and his village’s defender, fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Like our panda bears coloring pages, Kung Fu Panda is loved by preschoolers, older kids, and adults alike.

If you’re looking for more fun, you’ll find it in our animal coloring pages. This section not only includes panda bears, but you also get printable pictures of bears, lions, dogs, puppies, farm animals, and other exciting creatures. These free coloring pages will make quite an entertaining and exciting coloring book, so download and print as many as possible.

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