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Free NATIVITY SCENE Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Sometimes, I have found that things can come to a standstill when school is out for the Christmas season. Cabin fever can strike a home filled with kids anxious for Christmas, Santa, and Presents. But, we are here to help with our wonderful collection of Nativity Scene coloring pages. These adorable pictures will help you entertain your children and provide parents with an opportunity to teach them about the Christmas story. Check out our Nativity coloring pages and print out your favorites to create your own Christmas coloring book for your family.

Welcome to our collection of free NATIVITY SCENE coloring pages. Click the NATIVITY SCENE pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Coloring Nativity Scene Characters

Each figure of the Nativity provides important symbolism and crucial context to the birth of Jesus Christ. As your children color each of these important figures, parents will also have the opportunity to teach and reteach the importance of each figure in the Christmas Nativity in a fun way.

Of course, the most important figure in the Nativity is that of the infant Jesus. I have always found that children find the idea that Jesus Christ was once a baby fascinating. They love the Nativity story so much because of baby Jesus. Your kids will love coloring a Nativity scene coloring page that depicts Jesus as a child right in the center of the picture.

Mary and Joseph lovingly look down on the Savior in most Nativity scenes and pictures. This important image is powerful and visually teaches how Mary and Joseph loved Jesus. They show a memorable example that children can recognize as they color their Nativity coloring page. Children will be having fun coloring and subconsciously learning about family and faith as they enjoy these Nativity coloring pages.

The shepherds and wise men who gather in the Nativity to worship and pay homage to the world’s Savior add powerful representation to the scene. They stand in the place of all of us and show that Christ came to save everyone, regardless of race, religion, or circumstance. Your kids will love coloring the shepherds with their staves and each wise man with their gifts.

Many Nativities also have an angel present or represented. The angel showcases the celebration in the heavens at the birth of the Lord. Children familiar with the Nativity will also be eager to color the angel looking down on the important scene.

The animals in the manger will also be favorite subjects to color for some children. They will be looking for the shepherds’ sheep, Mary and Joseph’s donkey, and the wise men’s camels in the Nativity. So, be sure to have plenty of colored pencils or crayons to accommodate the diverse colors needed for each animal.

Types of Nativity Scene Pictures

While the Nativity hasn’t changed for over 2,000 years, our collection has many different Nativity coloring pages. The selection provides a variety of art used and some minor differences in which the Nativity is presented.

Our Nativity coloring sheets have various drawing styles that may appeal to different families or age groups. Some of the pictures are more simplistic and cartoony; they increase the cuteness factor to the scene and may appeal to your little ones. However, others may appear closer to real life with more details and scenery. Older kids and adults may want to color these more complex pictures of the Nativity. Regardless of what your family may need or want in a coloring sheet, we are confident our collection will be able to meet your needs.

Finally, not all Nativity scenes are presented in the same way. You will find that some of the pictures will depict only the Holy Family without the animals or other figures. In some, the shepherds will be present and not the wise men. The manger is displayed on many coloring pages, and on others, it is not. As you search through our collection, you will find the Nativity scene you love most for your family’s coloring activity.

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