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Free KOALA Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Koalas are by far the cutest animals that you’ll ever see. If you’re looking for a fuzzy and adorable face to get your kids to color in, you should consider our koala coloring pages. These are a fun and interactive way to keep your kids busy. In fact, there are so many things that you should learn along the way as you color in every page. There are so many interesting Facts about Koalas. For example, these bears are native to the eucalyptus forests that are found in the Eastern parts of Australia. To learn more about why Koalas make a fascinating addition to your coloring pages collection, you should keep on reading.

Welcome to our collection of free KOALA coloring pages. Click the Koala pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Koala coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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All That You Should Know About Koalas 

1. First things first, you should know that these bears are not really bears at all. They are in fact a group of mammals known as marsupials. If you think of Kangaroos, you’ll know what this type of mammal is. The most distinguishing feature that they have is a pouch where they keep their young during their lactation period. This should be a fun lesson for your kids to know the different types of mammals and their characteristics. 

2. You’d be surprised to learn that an infant Koala is called a joey. When a joey is born, it doesn’t have any ears and is blind. So, it can only rely on its robust sense of smell and touch to find its way into its mother’s pouch.  Here, it needs to grow and develop into a healthy young Koala. It stays in this pouch for approximately 6 months. Once this phase is completed, it should ride on its mother’s back for another 6 months. It will still get inside the pouch when it needs to feed. This is how they grow up to be strong and learn to maintain stability. 

3. Did you know that Koalas rarely drink water? In order for them to grow up to be big and strong bears, they have to eat a lot of leafy greens. Their primary diet of choice is the eucalyptus leaves that are found in their natural habitat. They can eat up to a kilo of these leaves in a single day. In addition to this, they’re known to be fussy eaters. This means that they go around trying their best to select the most tasting and nutritional leaves that you can find in the forest. They even get most of their moisture from the leaves that they pick to eat. 

4. You would be so amazed to find that the same leaves that these bears rely on to sustain themselves are actually highly poisonous. Moreover, they’re very tough to chew on. Fortunately for Koalas, their digestive system is equipped with a long digestive organ. This or is commonly known as a cecum. Its main function is to break down these leaves without harming the bears. Talk about the wonders of nature and ensuring that these lovely bears are always protected. 

5. Imagine being able to sleep for up to 18 hours in a day. Well, Koalas don’t have to imagine this. They can actually do it. Since their diet is only leaves, they rarely have energy if they’re not eating. So, they spend their time falling on tree branches. If you thought that you enjoyed having a snooze, you should think again. These furry creatures have found a way to outsleep anyone and most animals that you can think of. 

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