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Free HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free HAPPY MOTHERS DAY coloring pages. Click the Mother’s Day pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Fun Facts About Happy Mother Day for Clever Kids

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Today, I’ll talk about the amazing facts about this day. Let’s jump right in.

Some Trivia About Mother’s Day

1. What’s the country’s name which celebrated the first Mother’s Day? 

  • The UK
  • Germany
  • The United States of America

2.  ——————– are the most bought flowers on Mother’s Day.

  • Lilies
  • Daises
  • Carnations

3. Hundreds of people buy ——————- as gifts for Mother’s Day.

  • Cards
  • Flowers
  • Balloons

4. Which President signed Mother’s Day as a federal holiday into law? 

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Willian H. Taft

5. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • Anna Reeves Jarvis made Mother’s Day famous in the early 1900s.
  • Anna Reeves Jarvis founded Mother’s Day during the Civil War.
  • Anna Reeves Jarvis’ daughter, Anna Jarvis, first celebrated Mother’s Day in Graton, West Virginia. 

Check out the answers below.

  • Mother’s Day is celebrated in May on the 2nd Sunday in the United States. But the day started in the 1900s and was first celebrated in 1908 in the U.S.
  • Around the 1850s, Ann Reeves Jarvis held Mother’s Day meetings with other women. They wanted to find ways of treating certain diseases. The women also tried to improve the lives of soldiers who had fought in the Civil War (people in a country fighting & killing each other). 
  • Anne Reeves Jarvis tried to unite women after the Civil War by inviting them to picnics on Mother’s Day. But she died in 1908, and her daughter, Anna Jarvis, took over. 
  • Anna Jarvis made the day famous in 1912. She set up the Mother’s Day International Association. Her first Mother’s Day celebration was in Grafton, West Virginia. 
  • Anna Jarvis continued with Mother’s Day Celebrations in many towns. Because of this, the U.S. government made Mother’s Day a holiday in 1914.
  • Mr. Woodrow Wilson was the President at that time. He made it a law to celebrate Mother’s Day, the second Sunday of May.
  • Mother’s Day is known as Mothering Sunday in the U.K. and other European countries. Over 50 countries celebrate Mother’s Day. 
  • Many people celebrate this day by presenting gifts, flowers, cards, and chocolates to mums.
  • Carnations are a type of flowers that many people give away as presents. Mums receive pink and red flowers. 
  • About $2 billion is spent on flowers every Mother’s Day. 
  • How many phone calls do you think people make on Mother’s Day in the U.S.?  Over 120 million. 
  • Restaurants love this day because hundreds of people eat out or buy takeaways. 
  • People celebrate Mother’s Day differently in each country. 
  • Many languages begin the word mother with ‘m.’ Incredible!
  • Thousands of cards reach many homes on Mother’s Day in the United States.
  • It is a day when we celebrate our Mums!  It’s an important day because we celebrate our Mothers.
  • It’s a day to say a Big Thank You to them. 
  • The world has about 1,7 billion mums.

Free Printable Mother Day Coloring Pages

Here’s a brilliant collection of free printable Mother Day Coloring pages.  Each coloring sheet only needs colored pencils to produce striking designs. The activity sheets are perfect for little and older kids. 

Mothers Day printable coloring pages are a great way for mums to teach their kids about gratitude and love. The printables make the celebration a special day for gift ideas. Let your kids have lots of fun with the activity sheets and make Mother’s Day an unforgettable experience.

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