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Free HAPPY FATHERS DAY Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free HAPPY FATHERS DAY coloring pages. Click the Father’s Day pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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June has become known as the month when we celebrate fathers across the world. Even though this day has become widely popular, it wasn’t always something that we used to celebrate. In fact, there wasn’t much public support for this holiday for a long time. While this day has become something that we all look forward to, its origins aren’t as happy as we think they are. It is a holiday that was birthed out of a tragedy. Before we go ahead and spend time on our Father’s Day coloring pages, we should learn a few things about this holiday. Let’s keep on reading to learn some very interesting and useful facts about it. 

It Was Rooted in Tragedy 

First things first, it’s important for us to know about how this day originated. This story takes us back to the 1900s. Where a staggering number of men were lost to a mining incident. According to research, there were 362 men that had passed on due to this terrible event. This is when a church situated in West Virginia decided to remember these brave men. However, this specific day wasn’t chosen as an annual tradition. But, we can’t deny that this moment is what set the precedent for this special day that we get to celebrate nowadays. We honor fathers all over the world because of an unfortunate mining accident that happened all those years ago. 

Roses Were a Big Part of Father’s Day 

The thing about this special day is that it was mainly observed in the church. So, what would happen is that daughters would hand their fathers roses or other flowers during mass. Moreover, these roses would be pinned onto the clothes of the daughters. Different colors were used to symbolize different things. If a daughter carried and pinned a red rose on her, it would mean that her father was still alive. And if she had a white rose on her, it would mean that she no longer has a father in her life. This is how roses became a significant part of Father’s Day celebrations. In recent years, we haven’t included these important details in our celebrations of this day. But, our Father’s Day coloring pages are full of different flowers for us to color in, and remember that our fathers also deserve to smell their flowers as we celebrate them.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Almost United 

I was surprised to find that we almost didn’t have a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebration. Research suggests that around the 1930s, there was a movement that wanted to scrap these two celebrations. The reason behind it isn’t as bad as we might think. In fact, the whole idea was to ensure unity amongst parents. So, a Parent’s Day proposal was made. It was meant to replace these two to celebrate both mothers and fathers on the same day. There are still a number of people who believe that having these days separated causes a lot of unwanted division of affection and respect. Unfortunately, this movement fell through in the 1940s. Maybe, celebrating a day for parents wouldn’t have been such a bad idea in the first place. 

It Was Recognized in the ’70s

It wasn’t until the 1970s that this day was recognized as the national holiday that we love today. Even though our coloring pages won’t have all of these important dates, these are the most significant things that we should remember about our favorite day to celebrate our fathers. We can thank former President Richard Nixon for ensuring that this day was officially and permanently recognized by our federal government. 

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