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Free GYMNASTICS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Gymnastics is one of those sports that amazes us. There isn’t any other sport that I have seen that demands the same amount of physical strength. The way that a gymnasts’ body can twist and turn is too fascinating.

Welcome to our collection of free GYMNASTICS coloring pages. Click the gymnastics pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every airplane coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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There are so many things that are used to help these athletes to reach advanced standards that we get to witness. What’s even better is that this sport has been around for way longer than we think. Let’s find out more for our gymnastics coloring pages. 

Gymnastics have a Rich History 

Finding out that gymnastics were used in Ancient Greek times is very surprising. Gymnastics were used by soldiers to prepare for war. In fact, it was the pommel horse that was primarily used to prepare these soldiers for a looming battle. It was very effective in teaching soldiers to get on and off a horse quickly. Rumor has it that Alexander the Great used this technique to learn how to fight the most. So, when we’re coloring our pommel horses in our coloring pages, we should remember the rich history that they have. And the many battles that they’ve helped soldiers win. 

A Career Starts Early 

If we wish for our kids to master this art of gymnastics, we have to start preparing them early on. The thing about gymnastics is that it requires a lot of years for dedicated practice. This is why it’s so common to find that many of the professional gymnasts that we see started their careers when they were still toddlers. This means that by the time that they’re 15, they have achieved mastery of this sport. 

It Differs for Males and Females 

One thing about gymnastics is that it is a different sport for women and men. For example, it takes a shorter time for females to master this sport. By 14 years, they should have advanced so much into it. On the other hand, males will likely master gymnastics when they are well into their late teens or even their early 20s. The reason for this might lie in the way that both genders are taught this sport. With females, the focus is more on artistic and strength performance. With males, it’s a little different because even though they also focus on strength, power is something else that they have to master. Even the equipment that is used for both is different. For instance, you won’t find pommel horses being used by female gymnasts. Similarly, you won’t find male gymnasts using balance beams. The only thing that they both share is doing floor and vault exercises. 

Gymnastics was Included in the First Modern Olympics 

The Olympics were sort of banned for a hundred of years. It wasn’t until 1896 when the first modern Olympics were held. However, as much as we now know that this is a women’s sport, they were never allowed to participate. Men were the only ones who were allowed to participate in these events. This is also the reason why a man is hailed for the modern development of this sport, and it’s not a woman. 

The Soviet Union has Won the Most Medals

When gymnastics was first introduced to the modern world, it was scarcely popular in certain places. Over time, we have a lot more countries who have dominated this sport. Among these countries, the Soviet Union seems to be the most experienced. There isn’t any other country in the world that has won as many medals as the Soviet Union. It is estimated that they’ve won nearly 200 medals just from this sport. Fortunately, America is the second leading winner of gymnastics with more than 100 medals. 

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