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Free GARFIELD Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

One of the most beloved comic strip characters of all time that I like to draw coloring pages with is Garfield. A sarcastic, lasagna-fetched cat featured in newspapers of 1978. Today, the character still remains iconic. Garfield has been featured as the star of countless magazines, TV shows, movies, toys, and video games. Whenever I want to impress my friends, I do it by participating with them in incredible Garfield drawings.

Welcome to our collection of free GARFIELD coloring pages. Click the Garfield pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Creating The Head

Enjoy and have fun in this step-by-step guide on how to draw Garfield. Let’s start by drawing his head. I usually begin drawing the head by drawing the eyes first. I start with a long vertical oval shape for the eyes.I then continued by drawing another half oval connected to the side of the first eye I started drawing. I finish off the drawing of the face by creating a small oval for the nose underneath the eyes. I make the eyelids look lowered by drawing a curved line across the eyes near the bottom. Now let’s proceed to draw the ears. I create some curved shapes coming from the top of his eyes and down again. You can include more rounded lines on the sides of the head.

Drawing Facial Details and Arms

I start by drawing some curved lines to originate from the nose and move along the outline of his eyes in portraying the mouth. To bring out the posture of the cheeks. I drew two more round lines over the ends of the mouth.

Drawing the Body

We move lower down to start drawing the body of Garfield. I usually start to draw his arms underneath his face. I put the arms crossed, with the right drawn with some curved lines going up. I make sure his left arm is seen—three fingers tucked into the bend of the other arm. Going to the back, I use some more rounded lines and belly to wind up.

The Tail and First Leg

So far so good. Let’s keep the momentum going now by drawing the tail and first leg. Continue drawing a straight line down from the body to the side of Garfield’s leg. You can use some more rounded lines to show the foot poking to the left. Draw another straight line to run, analogous to the leg line that meets in a rounded shape for Garfield’s tail.

Drawing the Rest of Leg Details

In our next step, it leads us to add some final details. But first, we have to finish up with a few more elements in the drawing. I use several more straight and curved lines in drawing off the leg on the left. In the process, I made sure Garfield’s leg and foot on the right looked the same as the one I had just drawn. Except for this time, it points to the right. Now that I have taken care of the outline for the next step of drawing, it’s now time for those final details I mentioned earlier.

Final Details of The Drawing

What are the main elements that I will be adding? I will be adding several stripes along with Garfield’s head and body. I draw them using three small lines that get shorter with each line drawn. Inside of the ears, I add quite a lot of spiky lines. I then proceeded to create some shadow shapes underneath the feet to make the drawing have some depth. Don’t forget to include a background in finishing off drawing Garfield coloring pages. Are you lacking ideas to include in your background drawing? You can borrow an idea from your favorite scene in a Garfield comic.

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