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Free FIRE DRAGON Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

With so much technology at our fingertips today, it can be easy for children to lose sight of good old-fashioned imagination. Many children today rely heavily on their devices and video games to have an imagination for them. This is not ideal. It is up to parents to help children ignite their imagination and learn all of the wonders of fantasy. 

This Fire Dragon coloring page is based on a fantasy creature that is often featured in fairy tales and legends. Fire Dragons often have stories of adventure surrounding them. These coloring pages can be used by parents to help their children tap into their imaginations and move away from the screens for more imaginative, creative activities. Let’s look at several fun ways you can use this printable resource. 

Welcome to our collection of free FIRE DRAGON coloring pages. Click the Fire Dragon pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Fire Dragon coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Art Time

You can use this printable for coloring time. Coloring time is a perfect way to get kids to take a screen break. Coloring is often more engaging when parents color with their children. Make sure your kids know that you are going to have a screen break and that you will spend some time coloring with them. 

Story Time

Look for books at your local library or book store that feature dragons. You can the book to your child while they are coloring their dragon. Stop occasionally and ask your child comprehension questions to see if they are paying attention. 

To make storytime a step further, you can ask your child to create their dragon adventure story. Help your child develop characters and a plot for their dragon. Perhaps their dragon is not the bad guy like in most legends. Perhaps their dragon is a sensitive, misunderstood character who just wants to find friends. Your child can literally take their character anywhere they want. Make original stories more interesting with illustrations. 

Study Dragon Legends

You can turn this simple Fire Dragon coloring page into a study of myths and legends. Ask your child where they think the idea of fire-breathing dragons even came from. They may have some interesting theories. Take your child to the library to look up books on dragon myths. Some good questions to ask might be:

  • How old are dragon myths?
  • Which groups of people had dragon myths?
  • What are the similarities and differences between different myths?

These explorations could ignite a love of all things legend and mythical for your child. The study of myths and legends also opens up a world of great literature for your kids as well. 

Make A Dragon

You can express more creativity with your kids by making dragons together. You can find a dragon model kit or come up with your own design and materials. Don’t forget about dragon kites from the far East too. This can be a fun activity to do on a windy day. 

Dragons can be made out of clay, cardboard, paper, paper mache, or pretty much anything. 

Learn About Real Dragons

Many dragon myths are based on real animals that seemed strange and frightening to ancient people. Help your child research and learn about some of these mysterious animals. What aspects of these animals scared people? What did people misunderstand about these animals? Where do the animals live? Is there a connection between dragon myths and certain regions where dragon-like creatures lived? 

Igniting your child’s imagination can be simple and fun. Use this printable Fire Dragon resource to help your kids take a screen break and discover a whole new world of fantasy. 

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