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Free CATICORN Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

We all love singing the iconic Let it Go anthem that Elsa made famous. And we remember Looking for coloring pages? Try these caticorn coloring pages designs! Caticorns are imaginary creatures that have a cat’s body and a unicorn horn. They may also have rainbow fur—or perhaps only a patch of rainbow color on their backs or along their tails. I have never met a caticorn that didn’t have a rainbow patch somewhere, though no two caticorns seem to have their rainbow patch in exactly the same place. The back, the belly—sometimes the tips of their ears. Imagine petting that patch with your pencils or crayons as you color in the rainbow!

Welcome to our collection of free CATICORN coloring pages. Click the
Caticorn pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Caticorns aren’t easy to find beyond these coloring pages: some owners buy a special inflatable horn for their caticorns. Of course, maybe that’s just for public appearances, or for those that can’t already see their “real” horns! That’s right: caticorn horns sometimes turn invisible in the presence of doubters. And just like other cats, caticorns may take a while to warm up to strangers. My caticorn’s horn once disappeared for days when my relatives came to visit. What color would you color your caticorn’s horn? Purple? Pearlescent?

Thankfully, caticorns don’t have claws. Instead, their paws are wide and soft with white pads on the bottom. Some owners call their cati’s paws hooves, but not me. Caticorns don’t gallop, they scamper, slink, and perch in the places you’d least expect. I once found my caticorn curled up on the top of my piano. And they sleep with their paws over their noses. Color the caticorns in these coloring pages as they gallivant and gambol. Like mine, they’ll probably end up snoozing in some unlikely place.

Like other cats, caticorns need special care. That scratching post for conventional kitties won’t be enough for your caticorn. Its horn needs rubbing to keep it shiny. Spiral horned caticorns are especially rare and need extra horn rubbing. Give that horn a rub with your favorite crayon or colored pencil to keep your caticorn happy. And don’t worry: caticorn horns don’t get too sharp. In fact, I think they feel like foam-filled satin. Just the right texture for some playful jousting. Pit your coloring tools against the horns in these caticorn coloring pages. Who shall be crowned the cutest of them all?

If you thought cats were picky eaters, wait till you try to feed a caticorn. Their favorite fantasy food is cake—the more colorful the better! Color in a triple-layer, rainbow-frosted, red-velvet cupcake for your caticorn, and keep your cati happy. An unhappy caticorn just might run off to join a caticorn herd. Imagine coloring a pack of prowling wild caticorns as they prance across a field of flowers. In the wild, that rainbow patch comes in handy as camouflage. Can you find the caticorns hidden in these coloring pages?

A special note for you dog people. It’s OK for you to color caticorns on these coloring pages. Take a break from your pooch and come over to the rainbow side for a few minutes. Color something other than puppy eyes and wagging tails. And remember: despite their differences, caticorns and hornhounds have been known to form unexpected friendships. Some people think they are both related to unicorns. I think caticorns are just so loving and cute that they can charm anyone.

Coloring caticorns in these coloring pages can be a great way to show your pet you care. Like most cats, your cati will no doubt take an interest in whatever you are working on. Show them your colorful picture. Capture the rainbow hues and unbearable cuteness of your caticorn. Time to start coloring YOUR caticorn!

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