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Free ENCANTO Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Disney has long been known for showing different cultures and lifestyles. From the early beginnings, Disney created a way to show children that it is, in fact, a small world after all. Over the decades, they have produced movies that show us how people live in different time periods, how families are formed around the world, and how people rise above their conditions to show love and compassion to others. Encanto is part of this Disney movie franchise and family. If your children are finding Encanto toys and coloring pages, you may be curious to know a little bit of the backstory to this enchanting movie that has captured the hearts of so many children. 

Welcome to our collection of free ENCANTO coloring pages. Click the Encanto pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Country and Background

The setting for Encanto takes place in Columbia. Fighting has broken out and the main family is forced to leave the only home and village they have ever known. These events showed the Madrigals the reality of what other children and families are facing and how the family band together and stays together. The family is safely transported to a safe spot in the land of Encanto. This land is colorful, fun, and safe for the family. There are many Encanto coloring pages that depict this amazing place and allow your children to color it in vibrant colors using their imaginations. 

Animal Friendships

It would not be a full Disney experience if animals and friendships with them were not part of the movie. In Encanto, Antonio has the ability to talk to animals. He gains this ability at the age of 5 and becomes friends with several animals in the movie. If you are trying to teach children about being kind to animals and being friends with them, then this movie may be an ideal choice. Encanto coloring pages depict several animals that are shown in the movies. You can use the coloring pages to teach animal types, animal names, letters, and even colors. In fact, there are entire categories of coloring pages devoted to just the animals and the friendships with them. 

Plant Life

You may not think of nature and plant life in a movie when you think of Disney. Though a few major movies by the company have sparked ideas of saving and loving nature, the nature aspect may not be at the forefront as much as it is in Encanto. Encanto shows the value of nature, and plants, and takes care of them through the eyes of Isabela, one of the main characters in the movie. She can grow and create gardens, plants, and flowers that grow as she wants them to. Through her eyes, you can see the plants grow and how caring about taking care of those plants can make them flourish, just like in nature. Your children can learn about the plants and reinforce that learning through various Encanto coloring pages.

Family Life

Family life is at the center of Encanto. Disney has made it a point to enforce the love of family and extended family through the problems and life struggles of the characters. Though some of the aspects may be a little over very young children’s heads and thoughts, the concept of family is evident. When you begin looking for coloring pages, you will start to notice that most of the ones for Encanto are of family. They depict the family as a whole and the family in smaller groups, like couples. This allows children to see the various types of family units and how they come together to make a much larger and extended family. If you are teaching family unit concepts, this may be the ideal option to reinforce the idea. 

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