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Free ELF ON THE SHELF Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free ELF ON THE SHELF coloring pages. Click the ELF ON THE SHELF pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Elf on a Shelf has been a facet of Christmas celebrations since the 1970s. The cute elf has been used to fascinate children and keep their imaginations going through the holiday seasons. The concept behind the elf is simple. The elf starts out sitting on a shelf somewhere in the home. Each morning, ideally before children wake up, the elf is moved to a different part of the house. The elf is posed in different situations, like climbing the Christmas tree or getting Christmas candy. Children love finding the elf and seeing what he has gotten into next! 

As an educator, you may be wondering how you can bring that joy into the classroom. Here are some ways to use Elf on a Shelf coloring pages to build on the skills your students are currently learning. 

Elf on a Shelf Math Activities

Math is a skill that many children may have some issues learning. As the concepts of math begin building on each other, the children in your class may get confused. You can use Elf on a Shelf coloring pages to your advantage in this situation. There are several coloring packs available to educators. These packs feature specific subjects like math. You can find the right grade for your class and give them elf math activities to work on throughout the holiday season. For example, you can find math activities that deal with place value, sorting, adding, sequencing, and even counting the elves themselves. This gives children something fun and relatable to focus on and helps them learn as they go. 

Elf on a Shelf Grammar Learning Book

Are you looking for a way to work on grammar with younger children? You may want to create a learning pack that works on sentence structure, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Elf on a shelf grammar coloring pages are ideal for this. You can find a few activities or an entire printable activity book that your students can color and staple into book form. The grammar stories included can help children sort out jumbled sentences, find the noun in the sentence, or even construct their own sentences based on the picture they colored. This helps enforce sentence structure and the proper grammar associated with those sentences. 

Elf on a Shelf Holiday Search and Find

Search and find coloring pages are often overlooked by many parents and educators. However, what looks like a simple search can end up building several skills younger children need. For example, search and find activities can be found in several styles. If you have a search and find words, you can use the elf to help the students find these words. This builds vocabulary and spelling skills. You can also find the search and find pages for objects. These types of pages work on the child’s ability to pay attention to a full picture and to seek out objects they recognize. It offers a chance for them to work on attention to detail. Some search and find coloring pages will offer the chance to find a certain number of hidden elves. This reinforces attention to detail as well as counting. 

Elf on a Shelf Story Coloring Book

Story building is a vital skill for young children to learn. The story-building exercises combine grammar learning as well as learning from sequencing stories, spelling, and general sentence structure. A great way to build on these skills is to create Elf on a Shelf story coloring books. These can be part of a special journaling project that builds on their grammar and language skills. It can also be a keepsake book that shows the stories the children created and where their imagination took them. 

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