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Free DUMP TRUCK Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

The free printable dump truck coloring pages are ideal for kids of all ages. Adults can use the free coloring pages to teach different shapes and improve color recognition. Children need Crayola crayons to create unique truck coloring pages. 

Kids can work on several fun-packed activities. They include a dump truck, a garbage truck, a monster truck, a fire truck, and much more. Children can produce a truck coloring book as talented artists. 

Welcome to our collection of free DUMP TRUCK coloring pages. Click the Dump Truck pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every truck coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Fascinating Fun Facts About Trucks for kids

Would you like to own a truck or drive one? Me too. I think driving a truck will be better for me. You’ll learn fantastic facts about trucks. Let’s jump in by starting with the sizes of trucks.

Heavy trucks

From medium trucks, you get heavy trucks. The UK calls them lorries. They’ve got three axles: a front one and two at the back with two wheels to carry a weighty load. Heavy trucks can pull a trailer if you want to move many things. A heavy truck can be a full trailer or a semi-trailer.

A semi-trailer has only rear wheels, and the front rests on the tractor’s back unit. But this doesn’t mean the semi-trailer has an engine. Thinking of driving a heavy truck? You need to have a professional driver’s license. And you’re a trucker if you drive trucks.

If you combine a truck with many trailers, it’s called an eighteen-wheeler or big rig.

Which country has the largest heavy trucks? It’s not the United States. You can find them in Australia. They’re known as road trains because they can transport cargo weighing 200 tonnes. That’s massive. Road trains can have four semi-trailers. 

Medium trucks

You need a heavier truck to carry lots of goods. That’s where a medium truck comes in. They’re heavier than light trucks. But medium trucks are lighter than huge trucks. If a truck weighs between 13 000 lb/6,300kg and 33,000 lb/15 000, it’s a medium truck in the US.

You can use these trucks to deliver goods, garbage, waste, and more. What makes medium trucks different from light trucks? They have two axles: a front one and a back axle. That’s why it can carry heavier stuff. 

Light trucks

Light trucks aren’t different from cars when it comes to size. If they weigh 13 000 lb or 6,300 kg, they’re called light trucks in the US Companies or even yourself can own and use a light truck. Pick-up trucks or vans are lighter than light trucks. You must have a license to drive a light truck. 

Now let’s dive into the body types.

Body types

Have you ever seen box trucks? They’re also called dry vans or tilts in the United Kingdom. Box trucks have a roof and walls, and the back has doors. They might have a side door.

I’m sure you’ve seen dump trucks. They’re called tippers in the UK Dump trucks carry dirt, gravel, and sand. They may have a box bed at the top with a tail-gate door in the rear. When the body lifts, it dumps a load on the ground through its opening at the back.

If you hire some people to build a house, they’ll use a concrete mixer. It has a drum that turns on the back to mix concrete.   The concrete goes out of the mixer as it turns the other way. Concrete mixers are unique trucks because concrete is hard to mix and heavy. That’s why these trucks are heavy-duty vehicles. 

Semi-tractors don’t have bodies. They’re known as arctics in the UK. These trucks are different from others because they have a fifth wheel that supports the load, and its semi-trailer doesn’t have a wheel. And that’s why the trailer’s front stays on the fifth wheel. It’s the semi-trailer that carries the weight while the semi-tractor pulls it. 

A flatbed truck’s body is flat without sides. A wall separates the body from the cab. However, the load can’t reach the cab. It receives a load from the top or side. The load remains uncovered. Some flatbed trucks have sides that you can fold down or remove.

You’ve seen garbage trucks in your neighborhood. They collect waste and trash from businesses and homes. You can load garbage trucks from the back or the front. 

What’s the name of trucks that carry gases and liquids? Tank trucks or tankers in the UK. They’ve got a long, round tank on the side. It looks like a cylinder. Tank trucks are different because of many gases and liquids. A tank truck can transport one type of gas.

Wreckers or tow trucks in the United States lift and tow damaged lorries and cars. They’re called recovery lorries in the UK. They pull flatbeds that carry cars.

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