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Free DUCK Coloring Pages for Download (Printable PDF)

You can make a duck coloring page as creative as sketching or painting them. The larger a selection of colors you amass, the better. You can blend just the eight colors that come in a small box of crayons though to create many shades and hues.

Click the DUCK pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. EveryDUCK coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

Mama duck and two baby ducklings swimming on the river.


Mama duck swimming while carrying two ducklings on its back.


Illustration of a duck near the river with flowers, mountains, and a tree.


Illustration of a mama duck and baby duckling facing each other.


Illustration of a mama duck and baby duck near the river.



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You will need to do this because ducks’ feathers come in such a variety. American wigeon, for example, has a speckled white and gray forehead with an emerald green stripe behind its eye, while a wood duck has a multi-colored, iridescent stripe behind its eye and a pink, white, and black bill.

To make these feathers look realistic, you need to sketch in the layers of feathers as you color. A duck’s feathers do not consist of a single, solid color. Many variously hued feathers comprise a duck’s wings and back. You need to blend the colors you use to shade these wings to achieve a muted, realistic coloring.

While you might think a duck’s beak would be brown in color, most ducks have black, red, or blue beaks. The colors of the beak can vary and while some take on a solid color, others ombre three colors together.

Since ducks have so much variety to them, you should use the widest variety of colored pencils and crayons you can find. Use both types of colors to create your masterpiece. You can mix the mediums.

You can also color these types of prefabricated drawings using watercolors or acrylic paints. Paint pens also make a fabulous method of coloring a drawing, whether you draw it yourself or print it from the Internet.

Look at photos of the type of duck in the picture you color so you know which blend of colors to use. You can buy a book on wildlife or specifically on ducks. You can also use online resources to research what these animals look like in the wild. For example, The Spruce provides an introduction to 12 common duck types and an exhaustive list of ducks that lets you find the scientific name and the common name, so you can search the Internet for more information. You could also purchase a book like “Ducks of North America and the Northern Hemisphere” by John Gooders and Trevor Boyer or “Waterfowl: An Identification Guide to the Ducks, Geese, and Swans of the World” by Steve Madge and Hilary Burn. These books come in handy when you need to color a page with both a mama duck and baby duck. The kid will have a different coloring than an adult duck.

You can also make your coloring page look more like original artwork by coloring the background. You can help yourself with this by printing your coloring pages on colored paper or on an artistic medium suitable for a printer. You can purchase these specialty papers at most art supply stores and larger crafting stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. If you only have regular printer paper handy, you can create a background by laying the crayon flat on the paper with the paper wrapper removed. Color the background using this method, so you better distribute the color and can easily add another color on top of it.

Use a small piece of white drawing paper or typing paper to blend the colors of the background. Blending with this small stomp will help you merge the colors. It works best when using waxy colors such as crayons or oil pastels, which come in boxes and have a similar shape to crayons. Watercolor markers also offer unique colors and blend easily. These help you when you color a cartoon duck from a fairy tale because those from film or video typically have unique colors to them.

You can turn free coloring pages into a masterpiece by using a variety of colors and blending them appropriately. The variation in feather colors of ducks requires a deft hand, but with practice, you can color realistic duck feathers.

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