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Free DIAMONDS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Welcome to our collection of free DIAMONDS coloring pages. Click the Diamonds pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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As the hardest natural substance known to humans, diamonds are incredibly valuable due to their extreme rarity. The reason they’re so rare is that so few of them managed to survive the long and difficult journey all the way from the pits of the earth to the earth’s surface. 

There’s a wealth of benefits for people, from young children who are just developing their fine motor skills to adults who enjoy coloring as a hobby when they color diamonds on coloring pages. 

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, diamonds can teach people many interesting historical and scientific facts, such as the fact that volcanoes sometimes pick up rock fragments and minerals, such as diamonds, during eruptions. Another fascinating fact people can learn is that many ancient civilizations harbored their own beliefs and superstitions about diamonds. 

Here, we’ll be discussing more the benefits of diamond coloring pages and why every arts and crafts lover should add them to their coloring pages repertoire. 

Diamonds Are Beautiful

Because of their colorless beauty, diamonds have been a prized gem for centuries. Its many complex properties are impossible to duplicate, and each diamond is unique in its own right, having its own character and personality that separates it from other diamonds. 

The stunning beauty of diamonds makes them popular choices for jewelry, especially engagement rings, around the world. You can also commonly find diamonds at special occasions, such as weddings and elaborate parties. 

Diamonds Teach Us About Science

The process by which diamonds are created is just as captivating as their appearance. They’re made of a single element and are almost completely 100% carbon. Under the extreme pressure and heat well below the surface of the earth, the carbon atoms bond in a particular way that causes the diamonds’ rare and beautiful crystalline structure to form. 

Diamonds are so hard as substances that the only substance that can scratch a diamond’s surface is another diamond. They have extremely high melting and boiling points at 3547℃ / 6420℉ and 4827℃/ 8720℉, respectively. 

The oldest diamonds are said to have crystallized roughly 3.3 billion years ago. To provide you a little bit of context, the earth is roughly 4.5 billion years old, making diamonds some of the longest existing gemstones on the planet. 

Although diamonds are some of the most valuable substances on Earth, they’re not only found on this planet. Scientists have discovered a Milky Way planet that’s one-third pure diamond. There’s also a star that’s made up of diamonds of 10 billion trillion carats. The star was named Lucy after the song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles. 

We Can Learn About Ancient History 

When you learn about diamonds, you can learn so much about ancient civilizations, such as the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Hindus. Here are some fun history facts about diamonds: 

  • According to the ancient Greeks and Romans, diamonds were splinters from falling stars or tears from crying gods. The Romans held that Cupid’s arrows had diamonds at the tips (this is probably the first time diamonds were associated with romantic love). 
  • The word “diamond” originates from the Greek term “Adamas,” which means indestructible or invincible. 
  • In ancient Hindu society, diamonds were placed in the eyes of religious statues and people believed that wearing diamonds could protect them from danger. 
  • Other ancient cultures asserted that wearing diamonds resulted in the development of courage and strength during battle. In fact, some kings were known to have worn diamonds on their armor when fighting in battle. 
  • It was in 1477 that we had the first-known use of a diamond in an engagement ring when Archduke Maxmillian of Austria gifted Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring. 

As you can see, diamonds are some of the rarest, most precious substances in existence. Plus, they can teach us a great deal about ancient human history. So, if you’re looking for an addition to your collection of coloring pages and books, look no further than diamond coloring pages.

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