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Free CRYSTALS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Working on your art skills is something that you may be trying to do as often as possible. You may think of just freeform painting and drawing as a way to do that. However, there are other ways to work on your art skills. Adult coloring books can be found in various specialty stores and online. The problem with mass-produced adult coloring books is that they may not let you work on the skills you need. One way to work on several of your art skills is to find crystal coloring pages. Here are a few ways crystal coloring can help build your art skills. 

Welcome to our collection of free CRYSTALS coloring pages. Click the Crystals pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every airplane coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Shading is an artistic technique that you may find difficult to perfect. When you are coloring crystals, you have the chance to work on your technique. Crystals have areas that will catch the light and will shadow because due to how the light hits the crystal as it moves. In order to create the full effect of the crystal and the light working within it, you need shading. Ideally, you should consider using multiple crystal coloring pages in order to achieve the technique you want to see. 

Color Variation

Crystals are known for their prism and rainbow color effects. When you begin looking at these color effects from an artistic standpoint, you begin noticing you are seeing multiple variations in color. The different variations may be slight. For example, you may notice a pink turn into a purple and then bleed into a blue. You may also notice other color variations using your primary and secondary colors. When you are working on translating this color from the crystal to art, you need to work on your skills of color variation in order to convey the splendor through your art. Variations in color can be very slight which means understanding and using the techniques that use a light hand and the knowledge of how much color to layer in the first few strokes of the brush or tool. 

Color Blending

Shading and showing color variation are difficult to bring together without the skill of blending. Depending on your tools and the types of colors you are using, you can blend colors and shading in several ways. You can even create light and dark with charcoal and the proper shading techniques. Crystal coloring pages provide the chance to work on that technique. By using color variations, light, darkness, and blending you can give the full effect of the real crystal and convey it to your viewing audience. You can take what you learn from the color blending, shading, and transition skills and use them in other art applications that show the refraction of light. 

Watercolor Technique

One artistic technique you may not consider is working on your watercolor skills. Crystal coloring is an ideal way to work on your watercolor technique. Watercolors blend and create new colors and new effects. The key to this type of technique practice is learning how to carefully add water to the color and how much water is needed for darker colors versus lighter ones. You can also work on how to blend out a watercolor to make the colors appear to be entering light or entering darkness within the crystal. The use of watercolor when using crystal coloring pages helps to learn a technique that can now be used for sky paintings, landscapes, waterscapes, and all manner of nature scape paintings. 

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