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Free CHICKADEE Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Chickadees are from the North American region. They are characterized by black head caps. They also have white breasts, gray tails, and gray tips on their wings. They are a very small and very distinctive type of bird. In fact, if you have several bird feeders in your yard, you may find chickadees are part of the flock you see on a routine basis.

Welcome to our collection of free CHICKADEE coloring pages. Click the Chickadee (Bird) pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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If you grow to love these little birds, you may want to start adding them to artwork in your home. Here are some forms of artwork you can create, gift, and use in your home. All of these ideas can be created with chickadee coloring pages. 

Create a Special Envelope

Many of us have friends and family to whom we gift small items to. We may write them or even send them a special card. All of this is usually to remind them that we care. One way to spice up these small gifts is to include a specially created special envelope. Find a chickadee coloring page that can be detailed. Color the page and then fold it into an envelope. Place the card, note, or gift card in the envelope. This will give a special touch for a gift to your friend or family member. It will also offer them a special keepsake. 

Create a Cross Stitch Pattern

Cross stitch is a fairly easy form of handwork. You can find the patterns in pre-printed canvas or printable options that can be placed on a blank canvas. The truth is, many people believe these are the only two options available for cross stitch. Another option allows you to take a chickadee coloring page and turn it into a beautiful cross stitch pattern. You can also adjust the size or add items to the cross-stitch pattern you are creating. All you need for this is graphic paper, a pen or pencil, and the original coloring page. 

Take the chickadee coloring page and decide which colors you want to be used. Trace the coloring page onto the graph paper. Create a coloring chart and decide what thread colors work well with the design. Each square is one cross stitch. Start working on the pattern and soon you will have a cross stitch design matching the chickadee coloring page. 

Appliques for Quilting

Quilting is something many crafters find soothing and enjoyable. They find it calming after a long day. They also find that quilting is an ideal way to be creative and to create multiple designs to make one stunning one. You can use a chickadee coloring page to create several quilting designs. One of these designs can be a simple patchwork quilt showing chickadees made from appliques you created from the coloring pages. 

Other options for a quilt are taking the colors you use on your chickadee coloring page and making small triangles or other fabric pieces and scraps. You take the scraps and lay them out to mimic the design of the chickadee coloring page. You can make the chickadees large or small. A full chickadee quilt with the right borders can genuinely showcase your hobby and love for these birds. 

A third quilting option is to create a seasonal quilt showing the chickadees in each season. For example, there are several chickadee coloring pages that show the chickadee on winter branches with red berries.  You can find a fall setting with pine and chickadees as well. This could give you an all-season quilt that shows your creativity with coloring pages and with quilting. Keep in mind, that most of the chickadee coloring pages you find are free, making this a low-cost crafting staple.

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