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Free CACTUS Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

The cactus is an amazing plant. Since it’s able to store large amounts of water, it can survive in very harsh climates. Many children love this prickly plant, which is why cactus coloring pictures are likely to be a hit with your kids.

Welcome to our collection of free CACTUS coloring pages. Click the CACTUS houses pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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It’s a Chance to Use Every Green Crayon In the Box!

If your child has a big box of crayons, there are probably a lot of colors that don’t get used. Thankfully, if you sit them down with a picture of a cactus, you’ll be able to use every shade of green you have. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the color green. Cactus flowers often have bright and lively colors like pink, red, and yellow. You can even find cacti in the wild that aren’t green at all, like cactus plants in shades of teal and blue. 

You Can Teach Your Kid About Cacti

It can take time to complete a coloring picture, which means you’ll have the opportunity to tell your kid all of your favorite cactus facts. Lots of children are curious about cacti and want to know more about how these plants can survive in the wild. If you read up on cacti, you’ll find all kinds of amazing facts that you can share with your child. For example, you can tell your kids that the thorns on a cactus are actually spines, or that one of the creatures that pollinate cacti is the bat! You could also tell them that a cactus can live as long as 200 years! Even after the picture is finished, there’s a good chance your kid will keep asking you questions about cactus plants. 

Cactus Coloring Pages Can Be Surprisingly Cute

While a cactus is made to survive in harsh, dry environments, many of the pictures that feature this plant are absolutely adorable. In fact, you can even find pictures of cactus plants that have smiling faces. Some pictures include other creatures, like butterflies, as well. If your kid likes to draw as much as they like to color, you might want to look for cactus coloring pictures that feature a cactus in a pot! That way, your kid can add fun doodles to the pot. They may have even more fun decorating the pot than they did coloring the cactus. 

Some Pages Are Perfect for Older Kids

Many kids don’t give up coloring as they grow older. In fact, there are lots of teens and adults who color when they want to relax. If you have an older child or teen, you’ll find lots of challenging coloring pictures with cacti for them to try. You’ll notice that some of these coloring pictures have intricate designs that will take a long time to complete. If you start your kid out with a picture like this, it will feel like an accomplishment when the picture is finally completed! You could even hang the picture up for everyone to see once it’s done. 

You Can Pick Out a Plant to Match Your Picture!

Caring for plants can be a hassle, but the cactus is known for being easy to care for. Cactus plants don’t have to be watered every day. If you want to teach your child to take care of plants, a cactus is a perfect place to start. You can buy cactus plants at many grocery stores and nurseries. While prices can vary, many of the plants you’ll see will be fairly inexpensive. As a reward for finishing a picture, why not invite your child to pick out a plant? 

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