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Free BADGER Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

Badger coloring pages are one of the best options when you’re in the mood for something different. When thinking about animal coloring pages, most people go for well-known and beloved animals like tigers, dolphins, and peacocks. When you want to color something new, you expand your horizons to animals like the badger.

There’s a lot to love about the badger, but you must get to know these little critters first. Let’s look at what makes badger coloring sheets so much fun.

Welcome to our collection of free BADGER coloring pages. Click the Badger pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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What is a Badger?

When you see a badger, you might think it’s a skunk at first sight. Badgers have black and white striped heads that are similar to the markings on a skunk, so it’s no mystery that the two animals are in the same family. Also included in this family are minks, otters, ferrets, weasels, and wolverines. Badgers have short legs and round, fluffy bodies, and sometimes they’re mistaken for rodents.

The badger’s superpower is the ability to dig deep tunnels into the ground quickly and efficiently. They’re known for digging underground burrows that allow them to rest in peace with a limited risk of detection by predators.

You know a badger when you see the characteristic flat head with a body shaped like a round wedge. While the black and white stripes along the head are characteristic of the species, some are more brown, gold, or even white. That gives you a lot of room for creativity when coloring badgers.

Stick to Mother Nature’s design with white or black bodies and corresponding stripes over the head, or get creative to see what a pink, purple, or blue badger might look like. What fun is it to color if you can’t stretch your imagination and step away from reality for a few minutes?

What to Expect from Badger Coloring Pages

Many coloring pages featuring badgers show the animals up close and personal. Badgers are often presented as adorable animals with long, flat faces and cute black noses. The stripes on their heads are commonly displayed along with the sharp claws on their paws. Those claws are what allow the badger to dig into the ground for warmth and protection out in the wild.

When coloring a badger, you can decide whether they’re on dry land prowling for a meal or tucked into their burrow for a night of cozy rest. You can color the full page from corner to corner, creating the environment that you want your badger to enjoy. Get creative by inserting rocks within the soil for an underground setting or beautiful skies, bushes, and trees for above-ground settings.

Some badger coloring pages will have elements of the surrounding environment on the page for you. Those may allow less creativity but are easier and faster to color for adults and children of all ages.

Fun Ways to Use Badger Coloring Sheets

Once you find a few badger coloring pages that you like, print them out and set them on a table along with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Encourage your loved ones to take a moment away from their busy lives to play with badgers in the safest way possible: through crayons!

Coloring is one of the best activities for family fun, and coloring animals allows you to discuss fun facts while relaxing. It’s the perfect way to teach something in a fun environment without sounding like you’re lecturing.

You can also use badger coloring sheets in the classroom. From preschool to all stages of homeschooling, you will find perfect opportunities to introduce lessons about badgers and other animals in the weasel family. Printable coloring sheets are a great way to introduce the animals while giving children a way to occupy their hands and open their minds.

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