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Free ANNA AND ELSA Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

We all love singing the iconic Let it Go anthem that Elsa made famous. And we remember Anna for her bravery and sisterhood. Our Anna and Elsa coloring pages are full of magical wonder waiting for us to get creative as we splash color all over them.

Welcome to our collection of free ANNA AND ELSA coloring pages. Click the Anna and Elsa pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Anna and Elsa coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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Here are some Anna and Elsa facts that never make it on the movie credits:

It Took Disney 70 Years to Bring them to Life

Yes, if we count, we’ll realize that the two Frozen sisters have been a concept since the early 1900s. That’s likely longer than most of us have been alive for. Well certainly longer than I have been around to color different coloring pages for. The thing about stories that are meant to be perfect is that they never feel just quite right. And this was the main problem with Walt Disney and Frozen. Somehow, he just couldn’t find what was missing well into the early 2000s. Personally, I think it was worth waiting that long for. Especially, when I look at all of these interesting things that we get to color and learn about this story. 

Their Characters were Swapped Around

We’ve all had a moment where we wonder how the story would’ve turned out if Anna was the one who had the magical powers instead of Elsa. I know that I have from time to time. Yet, it turns out that the original plot of this story was exactly that. In fact, she was meant to be a villainous sister towards Elsa. She would’ve had blue skin marred with black hair. It’s rather a scary sight to imagine. Let alone having to spend time coloring her in. 

We should be glad that this idea was scrapped off our favorite icy princess story. Besides, when we’re spending time with our family, we want to watch or learn about a film that embodies stronger family bonds. It’s a great way to help us get through any issues of our own. And we’ve seen just how incredible the relationship between our favorite sister duo has been over the years. It just keeps on getting stronger with each challenge that they face together. That’s something to look forward to as we go through our Anna and Elsa coloring pages. 

Their Characters were Inspired by the Snow Queen

The thing about Disney films is that they have a way of interlinking their characters. Let’s take Anna and Elsa for example. A lot of us aren’t aware that they were in fact based on Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. From what we know about the Snow Queen is that she is pure evil. A huge contrast to the confused yet kind Anna that we’ve witnessed in both movies to date. There are a few details that are in Frozen that show that it is in fact an adaptation of this original story.

If we’re in doubt, we can always look at the amount of ice that we get to see. Besides, who of us has ever seen the Snow Queen when she was a young and confused girl? It makes us think about Anna’s destiny one day. Luckily, we can use our Anna and Elsa coloring pages to distract us from these thoughts for now. 

They’re the Oldest Disney Princesses

There was a time when we thought that Cinderella and Tiana were the oldest Disney princesses. But, it turns out that Anna and Elsa have broken this record. The fact is that by the time the second movie is done, Elsa is not only Queen, but she’s also a ripe 24-year-old woman. At that time Elsa isn’t trailing too far from her age. She has her 21st birthday celebration. Not only are they now the oldest Disney princesses that we get to know, but they’re also the oldest sister duo that we’ve ever seen in a Disney film till to date. 

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