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Free SPACE JAM Coloring Pages & Book for Download (Printable PDF)

The Looney Tunes franchise has been part of our childhood since we can remember. It has lasted so long that our kids have caught up to it.

Welcome to our collection of free SPACE JAM coloring pages. Click the Space Jam pictures or illustrations you like and you’ll be taken to the PDF download and/or print page. Every Space Jam coloring page is a printable PDF and/or can be downloaded.

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We all know who Bugs Bunny is. The remake of the ever so popular Space Jam film has made these coloring pages much more interesting. But what are Space Jam coloring pages without us knowing some hidden facts about this movie? Let’s read on to find out more. 

It Was Meant to be a Commercial

Long before we were meant to see this spectacular movie in theaters, it was only meant to be a short commercial. But, when Jordan’s agent saw that the commercial had potential to make it on the big screen, the concept was taken to the studio. This was such perfect timing because at that time the studio was also looking for a way to relaunch their Looney Tunes franchise. This is what gave birth to the Space Jam that we love so much that we even have coloring pages full of our favorite characters. So, if it wasn’t for that commercial, we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to enjoy this movie with Michael Jordan. 

Bugs Bunny’s Girlfriend was Introduced 

Before this movie, we only knew of Bugs Bunny. However, it’s impossible to forget the impression that Lola Bunny left on us when she sashayed to the court and made a remarkable character in the story. She had a feminist catchphrase that made the audience love her before Bugs Bunny could decide how he felt about her. Her blonde bangs still steal the show even in our coloring pages. After this movie, we’ve had the chance to see her featured in a lot more DC Comics than we thought we would. 

A Lot of NBA Talent was Featured 

This is likely the only movie in the history of filmmaking that has so many professional basketball players. There were so many of them that some of them were not even part of the credited appearances in the movie. I guess this was bound to be one of those classic cases of having a pool of talented friends showing up for each other. But the list didn’t even end with the basketball players. There were dozens of coaches who were part of this film. But, a lot of them didn’t make it on the credited list of appearances. 

Residual Checks are Still Paid

The fact of the matter is that the first Space Jam movie remains the highest grossing basketball film that was ever made. It made more than $90 million in the box office. In fact, it even removed White Men Can’t Jump from the number one spot. The thing about Space Jam is that it wasn’t only an entertaining movie, but it also had some excellent punchlines. This is what made us want to watch it over and over again. Even when we are busy with our Space Jam coloring pages, we will remember these punchlines.  

But this isn’t the only thing about the movie. According to sources, there are still residual checks that get doled out to the cast members. Even people who made a tiny cameo on the movie are still receiving money for their appearances. It’s safe to say that everyone who was part of bringing this concept to life has been and is still being fairly compensated for their role. 

The Soundtrack was a Platinum Hit

The soundtrack to this movie made it to the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200. It pioneered a new generation of R&B altogether. It’s astonishing to know that in less than 2 months of its release, the soundtrack album had been certified as a double platinum record. Five years later, it had managed to reach platinum status more than 6 times. 

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