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How to Draw Sports Balls in 9 Easy Steps

These are some of the most popular sports that involve the usage of balls. The balls are covered with leather or some other suitable materials. These sports games are played by two teams of five or more members and their goal is to throw or shoot the ball through the net or ring. 

Each game has its own rules and objectives. And if the teams do not follow the rules, they will be defeated or disqualified. Most people who play these types of games are boys, but it doesn’t mean that these games are only for boys. Girls can also play these if they want to.

So, if you are one of those kids who love to play sports that uses balls. We have our step-by-step tutorial for you to learn how to draw these sports balls!

Step 1: Draw the Balls

how to draw sports balls

Let’s begin our tutorial by drawing your sports balls starting with the basic circle shape. Draw the first circle on the left side of your paper then draw the other one to the right side. Make sure that the right circle will overlap with the left circle, and it should be lower than that. 

Step 2: Draw the Football

how to draw sports balls

This time, let’s draw the football by adding an oval shape to your drawing. Remember to draw this on the lower left part of your paper just like in the sample photo. Make sure that the oval shape will overlap with the first and second balls. You can use drawing tools in drawing your oval shape to put them together.  

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Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

how to draw sports balls

In this step, we will remove some extra lines from your drawing to make it more real. Erase the lines that overlap the first ball and the second ball. Then erase the lines that overlap with the third ball.

Step 4: Add More Details

how to draw sports balls

Now that we are done with the basic shapes of our sports balls, let’s begin putting some details on our first ball. In the first ball, add one octagon on the upper right side of it. To the second ball, draw a line from the right side of the ball crossing to the left side. Then from the top crossing to the bottom. For the third ball, draw a line from the right-side crossing to the left side. This must be drawn in the middle of your third ball.

Step 5: Add more Details

how to draw sports balls

For the first ball, add two more octagons to it. One on the left side and the other on the lower portion. For the second ball, draw a curve line two enclose both sides of the ball. To the right side, draw a curved line from the top to the bottom then do it on the other side. Make sure that those two lines will cross the line that you made earlier. To the third ball Draw a curve line to enclose both sides of your third ball.

Step 6: Add the Eye Guide

how to draw sports balls

Let’s add an eye guide to your balls. For the first ball, draw two small circles in the middle half-inch apart. And for the second ball, draw two circles that have half-inch apart. For this circle, it should be a little bigger than the first ball. For the third ball, draw a small circle on the upper part of the ball. Let’s add one more curve line to both sides of it.  Both curves should have one inch apart.

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Step 7: Add Mouth and Details

To the lower portion of the eyes of the ball draw a curve line or a letter C facing upward, that will serve as the mouth of your ball. For the first ball, let’s draw more octagons. Make sure that all the octagons are connected, and the ball must be full of octagons. For the third ball, draw 10 short vertical lines half-inch apart. After that enclose the two verticals with a curve line. Do that to the remaining vertical lines.

Step 8: Complete the Eyes

To complete the eyes, draw a pupil to each ball. For the first ball, draw a shaded crescent moon shape facing to the left. Then, for the second ball draw, another set shaded crescent moon shape facing. For the third eye, draw a shaded crescent moon shape facing to the left.

Step 9: Finish up!

For our last step, let’s add colors to each ball. In this step, you are free to use your favorite color for each ball. But you can also follow the colors that are given in this tutorial. Hope you are happy with your output. Be sure to show it to your family and friends.