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How to Draw a Ball in 6 Easy Steps

A ball is a round object with various uses that is usually spherical but can also be oval. It is used in ball games where the game is played in real-time as the ball is hit, kicked, or thrown the ball towards the goal by the players. It is one of the oldest known children’s toys. A ball can be made of a variety of materials, the most common are leather, rubber, and synthetics in modern times.

Since you already know the basic information about the ball, it’s your time to show your talent by drawing this.

Step 1: Draw the Ball

Let’s start your ball with the basic shape, a circle. That being said, the ball is round, so draw a big perfect circle at the center of your paper. You may find an object that helps you trace a perfect circle for your ball.

Step 2: Add Details

The next thing that we need to do is draw details to your ball. To do this, you just simply draw a half small circle in the upper left portion of your drawing. This half-circle must be drawn on the upper edge of the ball.

Step 3: Add more Details

Balls are empty without details. Starting from the outside center of the half-circle draw a slanting line, connecting the bottom of the large circle. Under the slanting line, start drawing a curve line from the half-circle to the bottom part of the circle.

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Step 4: Add more Details

Our ball is still empty, so let’s add more details to it. Add two curved lines on the upper portion of the slanting line that you’ve drawn earlier. Same with the slanting line earlier, the two curved lines will start at the half-circle and go to the bottom of the big circle.  Observed distance to each line.

Step 5: Complete the Details

Let’s complete the details of your ball. Add two curved lines on the bottom part of the ball. Again, the distance between the lines should be observed. Now the ball is complete and ready for the last step of this tutorial.

Step 6: Finish up!

Congratulations! You did a great job with this tutorial! Now, let’s color your ball with your own personal preferences. Pick as many colors as you like, but make sure that these colors are perfectly combined. Then after that, show your drawing to your family and friends.

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