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How to Draw a Red Snail in 10 Easy Steps

Did you know that snails cannot see very well? They just see the light and dark. So, to find food, they use their sense of smell. Snails are found anywhere especially when it is raining. This creature has no backbone, but they have this soft slimy body in which protected by a shell. This slimy thing in their body is called mucus. This mucus will help them stay wet and avoid drying out on land. It will also help them stick their body to things and climb trees. For them to move, they are using a big muscle on the bottom of their body called feet. Their feet don’t look like ours, but it helps them go around just like our feet. Snails have round spiral shells that get bigger as they grow up. Just like other animals that have a shell, snails are also bringing their shell wherever they go. They can also hide inside their shells whenever they need to get away from other animals. Snail is a harmless creature.

Let’s learn how to draw a cute snail by following the step-by-step drawing lesson. You can show your creativity in this lesson.

Step 1: Start the Shell

First, you’ll draw the snail’s shell, a spiral shape. Begin your spiral on the lower center of your paper. From the middle of your paper, start drawing curve lines that go down and around to the right, then up and over to the left and back again, as shown in the picture.

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Step 2: Continue Drawing the Shell

To continue your shell, let’s draw a curve line to close the shell. From the edge of the spiral, draw a curve line going to the lower portion of the spiral to close our shell. Then, in the middle of the spiral shape, draw a not so big, shaded dot to make it more real.

Step 3: Draw the Head

Now that you are done with your shell, let’s move to the head of the snail. Draw a horizontal oval shape on the upper left side of the shell. This oval shape must overlap with the shell. Check step 3 to be guided.

Step 4: Remove Extra Lines

We must remove some lines from our drawing to emphasize things that we have to. Now let’s erase curve lines inside the head of the snail to draw some parts of it. Again, erase the extra lines in your drawing. 

Step 5: Draw the Eye Guide

In this step, let’s draw the eye guide of the snail. Draw a small circle on the upper left side of the head and another small circle on the upper right side. These two small circles must overlap with each other and to the head of the snail.

Step 6: Start the Eyes and the Mouth

Now, let’s draw the eyes of the snail, draw this inside the eye guide that you’ve drawn earlier. Draw two shaded crescent moon shapes facing to the left. For the mouth, draw a letter C facing upward. This time your shell is already smiling.

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Step 7: Draw the Neck and the Body

For the body and neck, let’s start drawing a curve line on the left side of the snail. From the left side of the head draw a curve line going down to the shell of the snail. Make sure that the curve line will overlap to back portion of the shell.

Step 8: Draw the Antennae

Let’s draw the antenna of your snail by drawing a short vertical line. Draw two short vertical lines on the top of the eyes of the snail. Let’s continue the body of the snail by connecting to the lower right side of the shell.

Step 9: Complete the Antennae

We are on the second to the last step of your drawing lesson. Let’s continue the antenna of your snail. Draw a small circle on the tip of the vertical lines that you’ve drawn on the top of the eyes of the snail.  Make sure that this antenna is visible to other people.

Step 10: Finish up!

Congratulations!! You did well on your drawing lesson, let’s add color to your snail to make it more alive. Since the title of this drawing lesson is a red snail, let’s add red color to your snail. It’s up to you how you color your snail. I’ll give you a chance to show your creativity in your drawing. Hope you enjoy our drawing lesson.    

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