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How to Draw a Slug in 9 Easy Steps

Slugs have soft bodies that prefer to dwell in moist environments. Their entire body is made up of one large muscle in the stomach that can perform practically all their activities. Long tentacles protrude from the tops of their heads, and eyes protrude from the ends of those tentacles. They also have small tentacles pointing downwards that aid in their odor detection. Slugs have no backbone or other form of bone in their bodies. Slugs are classified into several taxonomic families, each of which includes snails. As a result, despite superficial similarities, many slug families may not be closely related.

Let’s learn how to draw a slug today by following the step-by-step drawing lesson. Let’s go!

Step 1: Draw the Head

The head is one of the most important parts of the slug. So, let’s start your slug by drawing the head. You can do this by drawing a perfect circle on the upper portion of your paper. You may use a coin to trace a perfect circle.

Step 2: Draw the Bottom Body Part

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to draw the lower body part of the slug. You’ll just simply draw a long wavy line to the bottom of the body. Make sure that the body is connected to the right lower part of the head.

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Step 3: Add the Top Body Part

After drawing the bottom part of the body. The next thing that you’ll need to do is draw the top body part of the slug. On the left lower portion of the head, draw a long wavy line, then connect it to the tip portion of the bottom body part of the slug.

Step 4: Clear the Extra Lines

Now that we are done with the head and the body of the slug, let’s clear some lines to emphasize the drawing. Erase the curve line on the center that separates the body and the head of the slug. Make sure that the head and body are still connected even if you erase some lines on the center part of your drawing.

Step 5: Add the Tentacles

This time we will put tentacles on the slug. Draw this on the top of the head. Draw two short vertical lines on the top of the head. Make sure that these two lines are 1 inch apart because later, we will put something on the tip of it.

Step 6: Add the Eyes Guide

On the tip of each tentacle, draw two different sizes of circles. On the left tentacle draw a not so big perfect circle and in the opposite direction draw a smaller circle. Be sure that these two circles will overlap a little with the other circle.

Step 7: Add Details

Let’s add a short vertical on each tentacle on the top of the head. Make sure that the distance between the two vertical lines is observed. Then erase the curve lines that overlap with the eye guide.

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Step 8: Draw the Eye and Mouth

Now, let’s draw the eyeballs of the slug. Draw a shaded crescent moon shape on each eye guide. Then, below the eyes, draw a letter C facing upward. This will serve as the mouth of your slug.

Step 9: Finish up!

Hurray! We’re almost done. All you need to do is to color your cute slug. What color would you like for your slug? In this step, you are free to choose your favorite color for your slug. Now, your work is done, and you did a great job. Congratulations!

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