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How to Draw a UFO in 12 Easy Steps

How to draw a UFO in few easy steps.UFO is an abbreviation of “Unidentified flying object. This is a flying object seen in the sky or landing on Earth which cannot be identified and which some people believe could be a spaceship from another planet. ”Learn how to illustrate this cartoon UFO made from simple elements and cool effects! Drawing an alien spaceship is relatively easy since these machines are only imaginary ones. Of course, many people are seeing UFOs each year, but none of these encounters is 100% proven at the moment.

Above is the actual version of the illustration that we will draw in this lesson. This is very simple but if you have any ideas to make your drawing more interesting then, don’t hesitate to add more details to your spaceship. 

How to Draw a UFO

How to draw a UFO in few easy steps.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Body (1st Layer)

Oblong, first step in drawing UFO.

Begin your lesson by sketching the body of the UFO using an oblong shape. Start sketching the body by drawing a horizontal oblong shape in the middle of your paper. If you have a hard time drawing it, then you can find an object to trace it.

Step 2: Add the Second Layer

Drawing the second layer for the UFO.

This time, we will add another layer of the UFo’s body. You will be using another oblong shape in this step. To draw this, ¾ of the second layer will overlap with the first layer. Then try to check the reference image above on what it looks like. 

Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

Third step in drawing UFO.

In this step, you will erase some lines that are not important to your drawing. I want you to erase the lines inside the second layer of the UFO’s body. Make sure that the second layer will remain after you erase some lines inside.

Step 4: Add the Third Layer

Add third layer for the UFO base.

Now, let’s add another detail to the UFO’s body. But this is a little bit harder so you might be using drawing materials or an object that will help you trace this part. Try to look at the bottom part of the first layer for you to be guided. Just simply follow the half-curved line of the first layer but the distance between the two must be observed.

Step 5: Add the Light

Fifth step in drawing a UFO.

Lights are one of the things that we are attracted to the UFO in the movie. So, let’s add some light to the UFO’s body by using a small circle. To do this, draw a small ¾ circle under the center of the UFO’s body. This circle must be connected to the bottom part of the body. See the reference image for you to be guided.   

Step 6: Add Details

Sixth step in drawing a UFO.

Adding details to our drawing will make the UFO better. We will be using a long curved line on this. We do this by drawing a long, curved line under the center of the UFO’s body. This curved line will pass on the center of the ¾ circle that you made earlier. See the reference image above to be guided.

Step 7: Add more Lights and the Glass Dome

Seventh step in drawing a UFO.

As we observed, UFO has a lot of light on the bottom part of it. Now, we have already drawn the first light on the center. Let’s add two more lights using a semicircle. Sketch a semicircle on both sides of the long, curved line that you’ve drawn in step six. 

For the glass dome, sketch a big semicircle on the upper portion of the body. This semicircle will slightly overlap with the UFO’s body.

Step 8: Remove Lines and Add Details

Eight steps in drawing UFO.

The first thing that you need to do is to erase the line inside the semicircle.  Enclosed the glass dome using a long, curved line. To do this, you’ll just simply draw a long curved line from the left tip of the semicircle going on the opposite side. Then, add a small circle on the center, top of the glass dome.

Step 9: Remove Lines and Add Details

Ninth step in drawing UFO.

In step nine, before adding details to the circle on the top, you have to erase first the line inside the circle. Then after that, you may now start drawing the very thin, and long, inverted V-shape on the center of the circle. See the reference image for you to be guided.

Step 10: Draw the Alien

Tenth step in drawing UFO.

To be more fun and exciting, let’s add aliens inside the UFO. Draw this inside the glass dome of the UFO. On the top portion of the glass dome, on both sides, draw two small circles. Then, draw a horizontal oblong shape on the center of the glass dome. This is the head of the alien.

Step 11: Complete the Alien

Drawing alien inside the UFO.

Let’s connect the small circle to the head of the alien using short two diagonal lines. Inside the head, draw two shaded circles and this will serve as the eyes of the alien. Under the eyes, draw a big letter C for the mouth of the alien. Then for the body, draw two curved lines from the bottom part of the head going downward. On the left side of the body, draw two slanting lines then, enclose them with a small curved line.

Step 12: Finish up!

Final step in drawing a UFO with colors.

The alien is saying “ Hello, thank you for enjoying sketching my spaceship”. It’s time to make the alien happier by coloring his spaceship. Choose colors that suit your spaceship. Show them your talent and make them proud of your output. Now, the Alien is saying “ Congratulations on a job well done!”


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