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How to Draw a Toy Train in 10 Easy Steps

Final steps in drawing a train with colors.

Trains are one of the most helpful inventions man has created. It brings people across different places and countries and it helps people carry tons of food, clothing, and other necessities, too! Other than the benefits, kids love trains because of how attractive and interesting it looks.

I can remember when I was young, my favorite toy was a colorful train that I assembled myself on the floor. When I start its small engine all of the kids shout, “All aboard!” and off it goes.

Another best thing about trains is that it is so much fun to draw. Creating a simple train is not complicated and it uses basic shapes that kids can easily understand. They can even color it up however they like. 
So, start your kids’ journey to art with the easy-to-follow How to Draw a Train tutorial below. 

How to Draw a Toy Train

Final steps in drawing a train with colors.


  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Body

Drawing a rectangle for the body.

Whenever we think about a train, we always associate it with a rectangle shape. So, let’s start our Train by drawing a rectangle at the center of a sheet of paper. Make sure you draw the shape as straight as you can.

Step 2: Draw the Control Box

Draw the control box of the train.

This part of the train is very important because here is where the driver maneuvers the train. We create the control box by drawing a shape similar to a rectangle, the difference is that the right side of the shape is slightly slanted outwards to the right. To create a curved shape in the back of the train, we also add a small curve at the right side of the body of the train.

Step 3: Erase Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the container.

To make our drawing look like a real train, let’s erase the lines that are in between the control box and the curved part of the body of the train. Cleaning up your drawing allows you to imagine your drawing better.

Step 4: Draw the Wheels

Draw the wheels of the train.

Let’s start drawing the wheels! The wheels are important because they are the ones that allow your train to move on its track. To do this, draw two circles at the bottom right part of the body. Make sure your circle overlaps half of the body of the train. Also, let’s draw the frontmost part of the train. We can call this part, the face. To draw the face, Draw an oblong on the left-most part of the body. Half of the oblong is inside the body, the other half is bulging outside.

Step 5: Add the Chimney

Draw the chimney of the train.

The chimney creates the signature look of classic steam engine trains. This part is where the smoke goes out of the train. To do this, draw a rectangle on top of the body of the train, near the face. Make sure you do not make the chimney too thick. In this step, let’s also add another wheel to our train. Draw a smaller circle just below the face of the train.

Step 6: Add the Roof

Add the roof on the control box.

To keep the passengers of your train away from rain and sunlight, let’s make the roof. We do this by drawing a cylinder on top of the control box. Let’s also add the metal front of the train. To do this, draw two lines that angle 45 degrees starting on the front-most wheel outwards and up to the face of the train.

Now let’s add the window! At the control box, draw a long curve starting from the front-most edge inwards and then down and back to the front of the train.

Step 7: Draw the Wheel Rods

Draw the wheel rods of the train.

The wheel rods allow the wheels of the train to roll together. We do this by drawing a long cylindrical shape on the upper portion of the 2nd wheel and third wheel. We also draw a smaller circle inside the 2nd wheel and the 3rd wheel. Let’s also add a cart connector at the back portion of the train. We do this by drawing a T-like shape at the bottom right corner of the train.

Step 8: Add More Details

Remove extra lines and add details.

Before we add more details, let’s make sure to erase some overlapping lines on the wheels. Make sure the wheel rods are more visible, erase the ones overlapping them. After that, let’s add a pill shape at the top of the chimney. Let’s also add a half-circle in front of the control box.

Step 9: Add Some Design

Ninth steps in drawing a toy train.

Let’s add more design to our train. First, let’s add a small circle on the face of the train. Then, another circle on the smallest and front-most wheel of the train. Also, add three strips of curved lines on the body of the train. One near the face of the train. And the other two below the semi-circle we’ve drawn before. 

Step 10: Add Some Design

Final steps in drawing a train with colors.

We’re almost done. All we need to do is color the train. Here I made it yellow, red, and black. How about you? What color would you like your train to be? You are free to choose your own favorite color. Then after that, you’re done with your drawing. Congratulations!



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