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How to Draw a Steam Train in 12 Easy Steps

How to draw a train in easy steps.

The train is one of the land transportations many people are riding nowadays. It made traveling from one place to a distant one more convenient. Since it is a series of connected vehicles, the train can board more people compared to other vehicles.

The train also has its own path called the railroad. And without it, the train cannot run. Railroads are a set of tracks made of steel rails strong enough for the train’s wheels to roll upon. In the early days, they were made of wood or iron. Nowadays, there are modern ones equipped with an electric powerline that makes trains run faster.

If you are one of those kids who love to draw trains here are some simple steps on how to draw your favorite one.

How to draw a train in easy steps.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Body

Drawing the body of the train.

Let’s begin drawing your favorite steam train. The first thing that you need to draw is the body of the train. The body of the train is where people can seat and ride. Draw a rectangular shape in the middle of your paper. 

Step 2: Draw the Controller Box

Drawing the train controller box.

This part of the train is very important. This is where we found the one who controls the train. Without this, our train won’t run. Let’s draw the controller box properly. On the upper left part of the body or rectangle, draw half of a box 1 inch before the edge of the rectangle.

Step 3: Draw the Front

Draw the front of the steam engine.

This time let’s draw the front area of our train. Have you seen the shell of the turtle? If yes, draw a shell of a turtle on the right side of the rectangle. Make sure to occupy the space in front. Then, on the left side of the controller box, draw the smallest size of a square.

Step 4: Erase the Extra Lines

Remove extra lines on the train.

After doing the controller box and the front area, erase some lines that are not included in making your train. Erase the lines in between the controller box and erase the vertical line in between the shell of the turtle and the body of the train.

Step 5: Draw the Window and the Big Wheels

Drawing the wheels of the train.

In this step, let’s start drawing the window of the controller. Inside the controller box, in the middle, draw two small boxes that have 1 inch apart. Then draw a big circle on the left side of the overlap from the body of the train. The edge and another big circle are 1 inch apart from the first big circle that you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 6: Draw the Small Wheels

Drawing the wheels of the train.

If there are big wheels, there are also small ones. These wheels must be drawn two lengths apart from the big wheels. Draw two small circles in the front area of the train. Make sure that the small circle will only touch the line of the body. They should be ½ lengths apart from each other.

Step 7: Add Chimney and the Roof

Drawing the detail of the controller.

It is very important to add a roof to our controller box to protect our driver inside. To draw the roof, draw a horizontal line 1 inch apart from the controller box. The horizontal line must be the same length as the controller box. On both sides of that horizontal line, draw a diagonal line going down, then draw a small horizontal line to connect it to the controller box. Same with the other side.

Next, draw a vertical rectangular shape on the top near the front area. And that is our chimney. At the middle of the chimney and the controller, the box draws a small shell of the turtle on the top of the body. Add some curve line in the upper part of your two windows in the controller box.

Step 8: Add the Metal Front and the Rods

Add the metal front and the rod.

Let’s add the metal front of the train by drawing the semi- triangle shape that connects to the front area of the train. Then put a rod in the wheel to help the wheels roll together. The rod must be behind the wheels and overlap the body of the train. Add a horizontal rectangle shape on the top of the vertical rectangle that you have drawn earlier. This is the chimney. In your windows, erase the lines in the middle of the curve and box. To make your window more beautiful.

Step 9: Add More Details

Add more detail to the train.

Let’s make our train more attractive, by adding some details to it. Let’s start with the roof, draw a connected curve line on the horizontal line that connects to the roof and the controller box. Then, add two very thin elongated rectangles indoor of your train. This is located on the left lower side of the controller box. Add a half-circle in a shell that is drawn in the middle of the controller and the chimney. Divide the triangle in front of the lower part train into 3 parts to make sure that sizes are the same.

Step 10: Add Details on the Wheels

Draw the detail on the wheels.

To emphasize the wheels of our train, draw the smallest circle inside each wheel. You can use a centavo coin to make your small circle perfect. Draw a three-curve line on the body of the train, start doing it in front make sure to measure the distance of the curve line. Make 1 inch apart in each curve line. Add a metal rod to the metal front that you divide into three to put them together.

Step 11: Add the Rod and the Line

Add the Rod and the Line.

You are almost done! To draw a circle in the wheels, get an object that is shaped like a circle and a little smaller than the two big wheels. Then trace it inside the two big circles. Find another object that is shaped like a circle and smaller than the small wheels that you’ve drawn earlier. Then trace it inside the small wheel. Then, double the 3 curve lines that you’ve drawn earlier in the body part of your train. 

Step 12: Finish up!

Easy steps on drawing a train with color.

At this moment, I’ll give you the chance to color your train according to your favorite colors. I believe in your creativity. You can do it. Then after coloring your train, show it to your family. Then paste it inside your room or your house so that others will see how good you are in your drawing and coloring skills. Keep it up!

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