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How to Draw a Skunk in 13 Easy Steps

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Skunks are mammals. This means that they give birth to live offspring, are covered in fur and drink milk when they are babies. Just like us humans, when we’re little right? Mammals are often thought of as animals that are difficult to draw but after this tutorial, think again!

Let’s get to know skunks a little more. Most skunks have fluffy tails with a variety of markings that make them stand out. Contrary to popular belief, skunks do not want to spray their stinky musk. They only have a limited amount of their spray, and once it is gone, it takes a long time to regenerate. They are also not stinky all of the time! They are omnivores (they eat both plants and animals) and prefer to move about during the nighttime. This means that they are nocturnal mammals.

Let us try to draw this cutie mammal by following this simple tutorial made for your kids. Enjoy and have fun!

Step 1: Draw The Head

Let’s start your Skunk masterpiece by drawing the head. First, simply draw a small circle large enough for the head.

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Step 2: Add the Eye Guide

Next, put a smaller circle on the upper part of the head. This smaller circle will serve as the eye guide for your drawing.

Step 3: Complete the Eyes

Complete the skunk’s eye by drawing a shaded crescent moon shape that serves as the pupil of the eye. After that, create a mouth on the left side of the head.

Step 4: Remove Extra Lines

And just aStep 4 is a bit simple. We just remove the unwanted lines for a neater look. Make sure you erase the lines that overlap on the skunk’s head, mouth, and nose. And that’s it! You now have a Skunk’s head.

Step 5: Draw the Body

The next thing that you need to do is to draw the body. We do this by drawing another circle below the head of the skunk. Make sure that this circle is a bit bigger than the head and is placed a few spaces lower to make room for the neck.

Step 6: Connect the Head and the Body

Connect the head to the body by drawing a line from the base of the head towards the fullest portion of the body. Do this for the left and the right side. This shape will become the skunk’s neck. After that, add a little shadowy circle on the lower portion of your skunk’s body.

Step 7: Draw the Hind Legs

Before we start the next step, let’s clean up our drawing a little bit. We do this by erasing the part of the circle that overlapped with the lines of the neck. After that, we draw the hind legs by creating a big letter C shape just above the feet. Make sure that the C shape does not reach the end of the legs.

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Step 8: Draw the Ears and Tummy

In this step, make a line that will look like the animal’s tummy. Start the line just directly under the middle of the head, all the way to the hind legs. After that, add an ear and details to the skunk’s head.

Step 9: Start the Tail

On the tip of your koala’s leg, add a tiny oblong that looks like an egg. This will be our KErase those lines on the ear section and add curve lines for the tail. When drawing the tail, imagine an inverted letter L starting from the skunks back curving up and outwards to the head. Then draw a line that looks like a flying bird. This will serve as our guide for a more detailed arm on the next step.

Step 10: Complete the Tail

To make our work clean and more defined, erase those extra lines to form a bear shape Complete the tail by adding another curved line on the right side. Make sure you make the tail bushy and big. After that, complete the hands by drawing a curved line below the hand guide we’ve previously drawn. Then, draw the hair guide by putting a cap-like shape on top of the skunk’s head.

Step 11: Add More Details

First, make sure to remove the unnecessary lines that are overlapping on the hand section. Then, draw the other foot just on top of the first one. Let’s also add details on the hair by drawing zigzag and spiky lines on the hair guide. As for the tail, draw a similar shape parallel and inside to the shape of the tail.

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Step 12: Remove Extra Lines

Again, delete those unwanted lines for our artwork to look clean. Strengthen the features of your skunk to make it appear realistic. Also, draw lines at the feet to create the skunk’s toes.

Step 13: Finish up!

For the finale, shade your work of art the way you envisioned a skunk and you’re done! Way to go kid! Keep up the good work!

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