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How to Draw a Koala in 13 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a koala.

Don’t you just love it when you see Koalas hugging on a tree? These cute animals are so adorable and I bet kids love them too! Although they look like cute little bears, did you know that they’re actually marsupials? Marsupials are mammals of an order whose members are born incompletely developed and are typically carried and suckled in a pouch on the mother’s belly just like the Kangaroos. 

Luckily for us art lovers, it’s not hard to draw koalas. Just follow the simple steps below and before you know it, you have already created a masterpiece on your own.

How to Draw a Koala

Easy steps in drawing a koala.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw The Head

Draw the head of the koala.

Let’s start by drawing the head. We do this by imagining a pea shape or a Hershey’s kisses chocolate in our heads. After you can clearly picture it out, draw the shape at the center of the page. 

Step 2: Add the Eyes

Draw the eye guide of the Koala.

Although Koalas have cute eyes, they actually have poor vision and they rely heavily on their other senses. To form the eyes, draw two small circles inside the pea shape we’ve drawn earlier. Draw them with some space in between for the nose.

Step 3: Draw the Nose

Draw the nose of the Koala.

After creating the first two shapes, we now then add a curve to each pointy edge. This makes our bus look good because it creates a smoother design. We don’t like our vehicle to be a bit pointy and sharp right? So arch them a little.

Step 4: Add the Ears

Drawing the ears of the Koala.

And just as you thought, Koalas also have an excellent hearing! They can hear and detect their predators from a distance. So let’s make sure to draw this important body part of our Koala. We do this by drawing two big half-oblongs on top and on each side of the koala’s head. In the next step, we make these ears look like cute little wings.

Step 5: Add the Mouth

Drawing the mouth of the Koala.

I think this is the easiest part to draw! Simply draw a curved line to bring out a smiley face for our Koala. Fun fact, Koalas are actually picky eaters. They only eat 50 species of eucalyptus trees although there are around 700 species known today. Not just that, they will climb to the very top of the tallest trees to get the best leaves, which contain more liquid and nutrients.

Step 6: Draw the Body

Drawing the body of the Koala.

Koalas are not that big but they are not that small either. Southern Koalas actually weigh from 8 to 12 kilograms. Their bodies are densely packed with an inbuilt cushion for the hard branches they sit on and hug. Considering these facts, let’s draw the body. To do this, add a slightly slanting oblong shape that is attached to the head.

Step 7: Draw the Arm

Drawing the hands of the Koala.

Now, put in a much smaller version of the oblong shape for the arm. Place it horizontally to make it appear like the koala is holding on a tree. Make sure you draw this shape overlapping the body of the Koala.

Step 8: Add the Leg

Drawing the legs of the Koala.

Next, create a little circle that will serve as its leg. Put it below the arm a little slant to make it look like the creature is really clinging to a tree. Again, make sure half of the shape overlaps the body of the Koala.

Step 9: Add the Foot

Drawing the feet of the Koala.

On the tip of your koala’s leg, add a tiny oblong that looks like an egg. This will be our Koala’s foot. Although this shape looks cute from a distance, the Koala’s feet have sharp nails so that can fix themselves firmly on top of the tree.

Step 10: Erase Extra Lines

Remove extra lines from the Koala.

To make our work clean and more defined, erase those extra lines to form a bear shape body for our artwork. Now that looks cute!

Step 11: Add Details to The Ears

Draw details to the ears.

To add more style, let’s create a similar wing-like shape in the inner part of the koala’s ear. Just simply follow the pattern of the ear and make sure you keep it a little bit inwards with some space from the ear.

Step 12: Draw the Tree

Draw the tree for the Koala.

We always spotted the koalas on trees, right? Now, let us draw a tree for your creature to resemble the real one. We first draw a line near the body of the Koala and then make a curved line near the Koala’s arms and legs to form the branch.

Step 13: Finish up!

Easy steps in drawing a koala.

As always, colors add beauty to our artwork. Shade your final output the same as the real koalas. Here we colored our Koala grey, but in real life, there are also brown-colored Koalas! And, now we’re done creating your very own Koala. You did an awesome job!

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