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How to Draw a Pig in 9 Easy Steps

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Did you know that pigs are smarter than dogs? Yes, it’s true! Pigs are ranked as the fifth most intelligent animal in the world. They are more intelligent and trainable than any dog breed and can learn their names in just two weeks. Aside from this, mother pigs sing to their babies! They do this by nursing their newborn piglets. With this, the piglets learn to run towards their mother’s voices and constantly communicate with each other.

And right now, it’s your time to learn how to draw this intelligent animal. Follow these easy steps to learn how to draw a pig!

Step 1: Draw the Body

Let’s start your pig masterpiece by drawing its body. Now, pigs are naturally fat animals and sometimes can grow as large as 60 kilograms. With this, draw the pig’s body by drawing a large oblong shape. Kind of like a large egg rolling on the table.

Step 2: Draw the Face Guide

Next, add the face guide by drawing two small circles on the upper right side of the pig’s body. After that, draw another oblong shape right under the eye guide. This oblong shape will serve as the snout guide of your pig.

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Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to remove the extra lines. You should do this by removing the overlapping lines on the eye guide and the snout guide. With this, you will then have a cleaner face guide for your pig drawing.

Step 4: Draw the Face and feet

In this step, we will complete the pig’s face. Let’s start by drawing the pupils of the eyes. Do this by drawing shaded crescent moon shapes inside the pig’s eyes. After that, you can then proceed to the snout. Complete the snout by drawing two equally shaped small circles inside the snout guide that you’ve drawn earlier. Next, draw a horizontal letter C that makes the pig look like it is smiling.

And the last thing that you need to do in this step is to add 3 squares under the pig’s body. Make sure that you remove the overlapping lines to make the squares look like the pig’s feet.

Step 5: Add Curve Lines to the Feet

This next step is very simple. Add curve lines to the pig’s feet to really depict what a pig’s feet look like in real life.

Step 6: Draw the Ears

Next, Let’s draw the ears of your pig. Simply draw two curvy triangles on top of the pig’s face. Make sure that you remove the lower part of these curvy triangle shapes to really have a proper ear drawing.

Step 7: Remove Overlapping Lines

Just like what you did earlier, let’s remove the overlapping lines to make your pig have proper ears. By doing this, your drawing will then be almost complete. You now have the face, the snout, the body, and the eyes. You are almost there!

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Step 8: Draw the Tail and Add More Details

Next, let’s add more details to your pig drawing. Pigs have tails. So, draw a curly line right next to the pig’s left-most part of the body. Next, add a curve line on the ears just like what humans have. And most importantly, remove all extra lines to make your pig drawing look more beautiful.

Step 9: Finish up!

You are almost done! All you need to do now is to unleash your creative mind and add colors to your pig drawing. In this step, you are free to add whatever color you like. But if you are unsure of what colors to add, you can just add brown to the body and red to the snout. In that way, you’ll have a simple drawing but a creative masterpiece.

Good job in completing your pig drawing! Show it to your family and friends and let them celebrate with you in your newfound skill.

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