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How to Draw a Pen in 10 Easy Steps

Pens are something we see on a daily basis. They are really useful, yet they do not receive nearly enough attention. But did you know that the earliest records of a pen go way back 3,000 years BC? The Ancient Egyptians created the first pen so they can write on papyrus. They made them out of wood and bamboo straws. Years later the first pen evolved from wood to feathers which they called the quill pen. Swan feathers were the best quill, yet the most expensive!

Let’s learn how to draw a cute pen by following the step-by-step drawing lesson. Are you ready? Get your paper and pencils now!

Step 1: Draw the Body

Let’s start drawing our very own pen by drawing an elongated oblong shape. This shape will be the body of our pen. So if you want a longer and larger pen, make sure you make this first shape bigger.

Step 2: Add the Holder

Since we are done with the body, let’s draw the holder of the pen. On the upper right side of the body, draw a curve line. Make sure that this curve line is connected to the body of the pen. Through this holder, you can hang your pen to the sling of your ID.

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Step 3: Add Details

Since we are done putting the holder, let’s add details to the holder. On the bottom part of the holder, draw a perfect circle. The circle will overlap with the bottom part holder. You can use a coin or anything to trace a perfect circle.

Step 4: Remove Extra Lines

The next thing that you need to do is to erase the extra lines in the holder portion of the pen. Erase the line inside the circle. Make sure to erase it properly so that your pen looks good.

Step 5: Add More Details

This time we will add more details to the holder to make it thicker.  All you must do is follow the curve line in the holder but observe the distance between the two-curve line. On the upper portion, the space is thinner but when you reach the bottom part the space is getting wider.

Step 6: Erase Extra Lines

To make the pen looks good, let’s erase some extra lines that are not included in the drawing. Erase the line that separates the holder and the circle. Then erase some parts of the circle that overlaps with the body.

Step 7: Draw the Eye Guide

This time we will draw the Eyes guide. On the side right of the pen draw a big circle that overlaps the upper right side of the body and the holder. Then, in the opposite direction draw a smaller circle that overlaps a little to the right eye guide and to the body of the pen.

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Step 8: Remove Extra Lines

Now let’s erase some lines that are not included in your drawing. On the right eye guide, erase the lines inside it. The small curve line from the left eye guide should also be removed. Do the same on the left side.  Then draw a horizontal line on the center part of the body. In the bottom part draw a pointed line facing downward.

Step 9: Complete the Eyes

In this step, we will draw the eyeballs inside the eye guide. Draw a crescent moon shape facing on the right, draw this in both eye guides but the left eyeball is smaller than the right eyeball. Then, under the eyes, draw a letter C facing upward. Draw a horizontal line in the center,  parallel to the line that you’ve drawn in step 8.

Step 10: Finish up!

Congratulations you completed your pen drawing tutorial. Let’s proceed to the most exciting part of this activity which is putting life to it. This time you are free to choose what color you like for your pen. After that don’t forget to show your output to your family and friend.

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