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How to Draw a Laptop in 9 Easy Steps

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how to draw a laptop

A laptop is a computer that is easy to carry around. A modern laptop is self-contained, with a screen, keyboard, and pointing device like a touchpad. Plus usually, speakers, a microphone, and a camera. This is all powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.

However, the user can also plug the laptop in to use it and recharge the battery at the same time. Also, most other external devices can be attached if required. The laptop screen folds down over the keyboard, along a hinge, for carrying. 

Share this interesting fact with your kid and encourage them to learn how to draw a laptop today. Just follow these simple steps! 

Step 1: Draw the Body

Let’s begin by drawing some big rectangular shapes for the body of your laptop. You can use a drawing tool, like a ruler for you to get a perfect rectangular shape for your laptop.

Step 2: Draw a Line

You are done with the body of your laptop! Now let’s draw a vertical line from the edge of the rectangular shape in the right upper part of it. This will be the guide for your screen. Again, you can use drawing material to get the perfect line that you are wishing to be done in your drawing.

Step 3: Draw the Screen

Now we are going to create your screen. Earlier we draw a vertical line in preparation for the screen. Let’s continue those lines to draw our screen. From the edge of that vertical line, draw a horizontal line going to the left, and draw another vertical line going down to connect your screen to the body of your laptop.

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Step 4: Add the Keys

how to draw a laptop

You are done with the body and the screen; these two parts are very important. The body is where you see all the keyboards and keyboards are composed of letters, numbers, symbols, memories, and more. While the screen is where you can see the words, movies, outputs, and many more.

Step 5: Draw the Keyboard

how to draw a laptop

We already know the importance of the parts of this laptop. Let’s draw a rectangular shape in the upper part of the body of the laptop. This rectangular shape will serve as the preparation for making our keyboard.

Step 6: Draw the Track Pad

how to draw a laptop

Now let’s begin with our trackpad as it is the one that controls the arrow on the screen. Draw a square shape in the center of the body and the lower part of the rectangle shape that you’ve drawn earlier. In the lower portion of the rectangle shape, draw the following in order, a small rectangle on the left side, an inverted letter L shape, 3 small square, long rectangle shape, and 5 small square shapes. Those shapes must be put in 1 row.  Inside the large rectangle, draw a rectangle of the same shape, but comparatively smaller. Also, between the two lines at the top, draw a small dot for the webcam image. Draw a small rectangle shape below the screen. Draw it on the left and right sides of the screen for the speaker.

Step 7: Add the Eyes

how to draw a laptop

To make our activity more fun let’s imagine that our laptop has eyes. Draw two perfect circles on the screen in preparation for the eyes. You can use a 10 pesos coin to trace a perfect circle. Inside the rectangle shape draw more squares for the letters, symbols, and numbers. After putting the squares, write letters, numbers, and symbols in each box.

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Step 8: Add the Mouth

Since we have eyes let us put mouths to our laptops. Draw an up curve line or a letter C facing upward in the screen, in the middle of the two circles. Inside the circle draw a crescent moon shape for the eyeballs.

Step 9: Finish up!

how to draw a laptop

Congratulations you made it! Now it’s your time to show your skills by coloring your laptop. You can add more colors to it. Since that is your laptop, you can color whatever color do you like. Hope you have some fun drawing your own laptop.

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