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How to Draw a Calculator in 12 Easy Steps

A calculator is a machine that makes the life of the students easier in performing mathematics problems. Most calculators, for example, can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Some calculators can also do square roots, while more advanced calculators can assist with calculus and drawing function graphs. This kind of machine is found anywhere. You can also see calculators on smartphones or computers. There are some calculators, such as the abacus, that are battery-free. The electronic calculator requires batteries. Simple calculators, which can only add, subtract, multiply, divide, and sometimes take square roots, and scientific calculators, which can calculate factorials and trigonometric functions, are the two categories of electronic calculators.
Did you learn something about calculators? Now, draw your own calculator by following the step-by-step tutorial below. 

Step 1: Draw the Body

Draw the important part of the calculator, the body. For the body, we will use the basic shape which is a vertical rectangle. Draw a big rectangle in your paper. The size of the calculator will be all up to you. 

Step 2: Add Details

The edge of all calculators is always round. Let’s change the edges of the rectangle by a short curved line. Make sure that the shape of the calculator is still the same. You can also make your own design for your calculator. 

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Step 3: Add the Frame

The frame is found around the display. This help to put emphasis on the display. We usually see this on the top portion of the calculator. Draw a long horizontal rectangle on the upper portion of your calculator.  

Step 4: Add Details

The next thing that you need to do is to add details to your calculator. Draw a small size of long horizontal rectangle shape under the frame that you’ve made in step 3. This long rectangle shape is the same size as the frame.

Step 5: Draw the Display

This time, we’ll add a small screen to your calculator. To do this, just simply draw a small horizontal rectangle inside the frame that you’ve made in step 3. This is where you see the result or answer to your solutions. 

Step 6: Add Buttons 

Buttons are where you see the functions of the calculator. Start drawing the button on the right side under the long rectangle that you’ve drawn earlier. In the first row draw five small rectangles. Please observe the distance between the rectangles.

Step 7: Add more Buttons

Buttons are very important because you’ll see the numbers and other functions on them. Add the second set of buttons to your calculator. Under the first set of buttons, draw the second set of buttons. Make sure to follow the distance in the first set.  

Step 8: Add more buttons

In this step, we will draw the third and the fourth set of buttons. Draw the third set under the second set of buttons. Then, for the fourth set, draw three small rectangles. Start drawing these three rectangles on the left side, under the third set of buttons. 

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Step 9: Draw the Eye Guide and more Buttons

In drawing the eye guide, draw two circles in the rectangles on the upper portion of your calculator. Let’s continue the buttons of the calculator on the bottom part. On the right side, draw two vertical rectangles. These two buttons are different from other buttons that you’ve drawn earlier.  Then beside it, draw two small rectangles. 
On the left side of your calculator, draw a rectangle of the same size. Then under the three rectangles, draw a rectangle that has a little bigger than the buttons on the top. 

Step 10: Remove Extra Lines

This step is very easy, all you have to do is to erase extra lines that are not included in your drawing. Erase all the lines inside the two-eye guide that you’ve drawn earlier.  Make sure that the eye guide is ready for the next step.

Step 11: Draw the Eyes and Mouth

Hurray! We are on the second to the last of your tutorial. Keep going! Inside the two-eye guide, draw two shaded circles. Then under the eyes, draw an inverted letter C facing upward. This will serve as the mouth of the calculator. 

Step 12:Finish up!

To complete this tutorial, let’s add colors to your calculator. This time, I’ll give you the freedom to color your calculator to your personal preferences. You can add meaning to your calculator. After that, show this to your family and friends.  

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