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How to Draw a Panda in 9 Easy Steps

How to draw a panda

The black-and-white patterns on the giant panda serve two purposes: camouflage and communication. To help it conceal in snowy surroundings, the panda’s face, neck, belly, and rump are all white. The arms and legs are black, which helps them stay in shape. Giant pandas, like domestic cats, have vertical slits for pupils.

During its first month, mother pandas keep contact with their kid nearly 100% of the time, with the cub sitting on her front and being protected by her paw, arm, or head.

Giant pandas start to climb around the age of five months, occasionally practicing on their mother. To assist them to grab food, mother pandas have an elongated wrist bone that they utilize as a thumb. Giant pandas eat bamboo for 10 to 16 hours per day.

Pandas have a conventional digestive system that allows them to eat eggs, small animals, carrion, and forage in fields for pumpkins, kidney beans, wheat, and domestic pig chow while being 99 percent vegetarian.

Share this interesting fact with your kid and encourage them to learn how to draw a panda today. Just follow these 9 simple steps! 

How to Draw a Panda

How to draw a panda.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Head

Drawing circle for the panda.

Let’s draw your favorite animal, a cute panda with white and black fur. The first thing we do is to draw the head of your favorite animal. Draw a big circle for the head. You can use any object to make your circle perfect.

Step 2: Draw the Snout and Eyes

How to draw a panda.

After drawing the head, inside the circle, draw a medium-size circle in the center, lower part of the head. Then two perfect circles for the preparation for the eyes of your panda. Two circles must be connected to the snout of the panda.

Step 3: Add Details to the Face

How to draw a panda.

Now we are going to create your screen. Earlier we draw a vertical line in preparation for the screen. Let’s Inside the two circles put a big black dot. That black dot will serve as the eyeball of the panda. Let’s draw a snout in the big circle below the eyes. The snout looks like a fan. Draw a two-connected curve line. That line looks like number three facing upward.

Step 4: Add Black Spots

How to draw a panda.

The next thing that we need to do is to put some black spots near the eyes. Draw an oval shape from the circle going to the big circle below. Do the same in the other eyes. Start drawing the oblong going down to the big circle below the eyes.

Step 5: Draw the Ears

How to draw a panda.

After putting some black spots at the portion of the eyes, Let’s draw a curve line on the upper right side of the head and another curve line on the upper left side of the head. This two-curve line will serve as the ears of your panda.

Step 6: Draw the Body

How to draw a panda.

We’re almost done with the details or parts of the panda. Now Let’s make a ¾ circle for the body of your panda. Let’s start from the right face going to the left side face of the panda. We can use some drawing tools to make a perfect body for the panda.

Step 7: Add the Arms

Seventh steps in drawing a panda.

After the body let’s proceed to the arms of your cute panda. Draw a small half oval shape in the upper right part of the body and another half oval shape in the upper left part of the panda. This half oval shape on both sides is the arm of our panda.

Step 8: Add the Legs and Tail

How to draw a panda.

This time we will be making the leg of your panda. Draw a half oval on the lower right side and another half oval shape on the lower left side of the body of your panda. Draw a curve line from the lower right part of the body of the panda going to the legs of the panda. That is the tail of the panda.

Step 9: Finish up!

How to draw a panda.

Job well done! You’ve finished another drawing. As we all know, the color of our panda is black and white so color your panda according to the color of a real panda. You can add some trees in your paper since pandas are fun of climbing and sleeping in the tree.


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