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How to Draw a Mountain Goat in 10 Easy Steps



Did you know that one-way sheep communicate with others and their surrounding is through scent? To communicate with one another, sheep use scent glands located in front of their eyes and between the digits of their hooves that produce smelly secretions used to communicate with one. Also, they can communicate through vocalization, often called bleating. Sheep are a very intelligent animal and have an amazing memory. Wherein they can recognize 50 sheep and remember them for two years. 

Today, you will learn to draw your own sheep. Just simply follow the 10 steps and you’ll see the output after this. 

How To Draw a Mountain Goat

Finished drawing for mountain goat's head
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • Paper
  • Pencil or Marker


Step 1: Start the head

Step 1 drawing a mountain goat head

Let’s begin our tutorial by sketching the sheep’s head. We do this by drawing a slanting oblong shape in the middle of your paper. The oblong shape doesn’t need to be perfect oblong since sheep have a different shape. 

Step 2: Add the Mouth

Step 2 drawing mountain goat head

This time, we will sketch the mouth of the sheep by drawing a diagonal oblong shape. Draw this small oblong on the lower part of the head. Make sure that the half-oblong shape will overlap the bottom portion of the head.

Step 3: Remove Extra Line

Step 3 drawing mountain goat head

It’s very important to erase some lines in your drawing after drawing some parts of it. Now, I want you to erase the curved line that overlaps the bottom portion of the head. Then erase the curved line that separates the mouth from the head.

Step 4: Add the Horn

Step 4 drawing mountain goat head

We all know that sheep has a big horn on their head. This time we’ll work on the horn of our sheep. We do this by drawing a big circle that half of it will overlap on the upper left portion of the sheep’s head.

Step 5: Add Details to the Horn 

Step 5 drawing mountain goat head

Now, let’s add details to the horn of the sheep. We do this by adding a short curved line from the left portion of the circle and then going downward. This will be the preparation for the next step of your tutorial. You can check the picture for you to be guided.

Step 6: Add More Details to the horn and the Hair

Step 6 drawing mountain goat head

Continue the short curved line in the horn until it reaches the upper left portion of the head. Then, draw three circles on the upper right portion of the head. This will help you in making the hair of your sheep. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 7: Add more Hair and Remove Extra Lines

Step 7 drawing mountain goat head

In this step, we’ll be erasing the curved lines that are found on the sheep’s face. Also, erase the curve line inside the sheep’s horn. After erasing the lines, connect the unfished curved line of the horn to the right portion of the head. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

For the hair, add more circles to the forehead of the sheep. Make sure that these circles are connected. You will just do that by adding circles that overlap with the other circles.

Step 8: Add Details, Eye Guide, and Mouth

Step 8 drawing mountain goat head

Let’s add details to the sheep’s horn. We do this, simply by adding a curved line from the V shape of the horn going downward. To emphasize the hair, erase the curved line inside the connected circles that you made but don’t include the border lines of the circles. On the upper portion of the head, draw a small circle for the eye guide. Then, add a short curved line on the bottom part to emphasize the mouth of the sheep. 

Step 9: Complete the Horn, the Eyeball, and add Details

Step 9 drawing mountain goat head

To complete the horn, in the middle of the curved line that you’ve drawn in step eight, draw a small letter e then, at the tip of it, connect it to the big curved line.

For the eyeball, draw a shaded circle in the eye guide and add a small curved line on the top of the mouth. After that, erase the lines that are found inside the hair of the sheep. 

Step 10: Finish up!

Finished drawing and coloring the mountain goat head

It’s time to finish up your tutorial by adding colors to it. You may now start to choose the colors for your sheep. You can be creative in combining the perfect colors for the sheep. But you can also follow the color of the given picture above. Congratulations kiddo!
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