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How to Draw a Sheep in 13 Simple Steps

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Did you know that Sheep are very gentle animals and were one of the first animals to be domesticated? These fluffy mammals are also intelligent and come with impressive memory and recognition skills. They can easily build friendships, stick up for one another, and feel sad when their friends are sent to the slaughterhouse.

With that, it’s now your time to learn how to draw these lovely fluffy mammals. Follow these 16 easy steps to learn how to draw the Sheep!

Step 1: Draw the Face

The face of a sheep is very distinct. Although they look like goats sometimes, they have their own identity that can be found right on their face. So, let’s start your Sheep by drawing a slanted oval shape. This first step will be your face guide and will be the foundation for all the parts of the face.

Step 2: Add the Eyes

We then continue by drawing two equally sized circles on the upper part of the face. These circles will serve as the eyes of your sheep and will bring such a joyous look.

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Step 3: Add Details to the Eyes and Draw the Muzzle

Next, add details to the eyes by drawing small crescent-like shades inside the eyes. These are the pupils of your sheep’s eyes.After that, draw the muzzle of your sheep by drawing a curved line on the lower part of the sheep’s face.

Step 4: Draw the Mouth and Ears

The next part that you’ll need to draw is the mouth and ears of your sheep. Start drawing the mouth by adding a small curve shape inside the muzzle. This small curve shape should look like an overturned letter C inside the muzzle. After that, add the ears by adding two elongated oval shapes on both sides of the face.

Step 5: Start Drawing the Forehead Hair

Next, let’s add the fluffy side of your sheep’s face. Start drawing the forehead hair by drawing small circles on top of the eyes. These small circle shapes should be drawn next to each other until they form a bigger circle.

Step 6: Finish the Forehead Hair

Next up, finish the forehead hair by removing the inner lines of the small circles you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 7: Erase Extra Lines

After finishing the forehead hair, it’s now time to clear the extra lines to finish the face of your sheep. Remove the overlapping lines on the forehead hair, ears, eyes, mouth, and muzzle. Then, there you have it! You now have the face of your sheep.

Step 8: Draw the Body

After drawing the face of your sheep, you then need to draw its own body. You can simply do that by drawing a horizontal oval shape. Kind of like an egg that is being put on a plate. This horizontal oval shape is the body of your sheep.

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Step 9: Add Important Points of the Body

Next, add important points to the body of your sheep by drawing small circles on the edge of the body. These small circles should be drawn in between the edges of the sheep’s body.

Step 10: Draw the Wool Guide

After drawing the important points, let’s continue drawing the rest of the small circles to form the wool guide. You can simply do that by drawing more circles in between the small circles you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 11: Clean the Wool Lines

Now that you have completed the wool guide, it’s time to clear the extra lines to emphasize the wool of your sheep. Do this by removing the inner parts of the small circle you’ve drawn earlier. You should also remove the overlapping body lines to really show the fluffy body of your sheep.

Step 12: Draw the Feet Guide

Now that you have your face and the body. It’s time to draw the parts that make your sheep walk. Draw the tails by adding two equally drawn rectangle shapes under the body of your sheep.

Step 13: Finish the Feet Shape

The next thing that you’ll need to do is to finish the feet shapes. Do this by simply adding a straight in between the rectangular shapes you’ve drawn earlier. Then, add small triangle lines on the lower right of each of the four legs of your sheep.

Step 14: Erase Extra Lines

Now, it’s time to erase the extra lines of your sheep’s feet. Simply remove the overlapping lines on the legs and the foot to emphasize the lovely feet of your sheep.

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Step 15: Add More Details

You are almost done! In this step, you can add more details to make your sheep look lovelier. Add smaller elongated oval shapes inside the ears of your sheep. Draw a slanted line on all four feet of your sheep to separate the foot from the legs.

Step 16: Finish up!

Now for the final step, it’s time to finish up! You can add colors to the face, body, legs, and feet, depending on your own preference. You can be creative and add any colors that you like! After you are done adding colors, you now have your completed sheep drawing! Congratulations! 

Show your completed drawing to your family and friends and let them celebrate with you on your newly developed skill!

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