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How to Draw a Monkey in 12 Easy Steps

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Monkeys live over the world. These mammals are very intelligent, clever, and social animals. Monkeys use their body movements and facial expressions to communicate with other monkeys. A group of monkeys is called a troop. Monkeys are omnivores, they eat meat and plants. Baby monkeys are called infants just like humans. Baby monkeys are very dependent on their parents during their early life. Most of them live in trees. Their hand and tail are used for the branches of the tree.

Do you want to draw your own monkey? This step-by-step tutorial will help you to achieve your goals.

Step 1: Draw the Head

Start your monkey by drawing the head. For the head, draw a perfect circle enough for the eyes, nose, and mouth of your monkey. You can use a coin to make your circle perfect. Please draw the circle in the lower portion of the paper.

Step 2: Draw the Face

The next thing is the face of the monkey. Draw a horizontal oval shape below the head of the monkey make sure that half of the oval shape will overlap with the head of the monkey. Then, inside the head, add two circles in preparation for the eyes. Make sure that those two circles will overlap with each other and to the oval shape that you’ve done earlier. 

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Step 3: Remove Extra Lines

In this step, let’s remove lines that are not included to achieve your monkey. Erase the curve lines inside the two circles that you made earlier. Then, erase those lines that overlap with the oval shape that you’ve drawn earlier.

Step 4: Add the Eye Guide and Nose

After removing extra lines, draw another two circles that will guide you to draw the eyes later. You can use a small coin to trace the circle properly. The nose is very important for them to breathe, draw a small oval shape in the middle of the two circles that you’ve done earlier. This will serve as the nose.

Step 5: Complete the Eyes and Mouth

Let’s complete the eyes by adding pupils. Draw a shaded crescent shape inside the eye guide that you’ve drawn earlier.  For the mouth, draw a big letter C that is facing upward. Make sure that your monkey is already smiling on this step.

Step 6: Draw the Ears

The next thing that we need to do is to draw the ears of the monkeys. We will just simply draw two half circles on the top of the head of your monkey. One-half circle on the right side and another half on the left side of it.

Step 7: Draw the Body

The body is one of the important parts of the monkey because this is one of the reasons why they can communicate with their family. Now let’s draw the body, draw a half-circle on the right check of your monkey.

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Step 8: Add the Legs and the Arms

Let’s continue by completing the legs and the arms of the monkey. Draw two pairs of curves on both sides of the body. This will serve as the legs of the monkey. Add another pair of curved lines on the left side and another pair on the lower right cheek of the monkey. Make sure that those pairs of curve lines are connected to the body. To enclose the arms and the legs, on the tip of it draw a curve line.

Step 9: Draw the Hands

Now let’s draw the hands of the monkey. Let’s do the up-down, up-down stroke. Do not stop the up-down stroke not until you’ve reached 5 fingers. Start doing from the thumb then continue up to the pinky finger. Separate the thumb from the other fingers. Do this in both arms.

Step 10: Add the Feet and Tail

Let’s start drawing the feet of our monkey. Draw two pairs of irregular lines then connect these two lines by doing the up-down stroke. Do this on both legs. Under the body of the monkey, draw a curve and at the tip of it should be a spiral. That will serve as the tail of your monkey.

Step 11: Complete the Tail

We are on the second to last step of your drawing. Let’s double our tail by following the stroke you’ve drawn earlier then after that, connect the two by a short curve line. The tail looks like a real one.

Step 12: Finish up!

We are now on the last step of your activity. You may show your imagination and creativity by coloring your monkey. You can use light and dark colors to emphasize some important parts of the monkey. But the color is all up to you. Congratulations!

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