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How to Draw a Kangaroo in 12 Easy Steps

Easy steps on how to draw a kangaroo.

Kangaroos are strong animals capable of leaping up to 30 feet (9meters) in a single bound. They can also travel more than 30 miles per hour. This is possible because of their powerful hind legs, long strong tail, and small front legs. Female kangaroos also have pouches on their belly to carry their young. The ouch is large that a baby kangaroo can stay inside for up to four months! 

Because of these unique characteristics, kangaroos are considered one of the animals popular among kids. Let’s take this opportunity to get the kids started with art today with our easy-to-follow How to Draw a Kangaroo Tutorial.

Easy steps on how to draw a kangaroo.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring Material


Step 1: Draw the Body and the Head

First step on how to draw a kangaroo.

Let’s start the tutorial by drawing the body and the head. For the body, we draw a circle at the center of the page. Above and to the left of the body, we draw an oblong shape slanting towards the right to form the head. Make sure to draw the circle larger than the oblong to create the correct body proportions of the kangaroo.

Step 2: Add the Neck

Second step on how to draw a kangaroo.

To draw the neck, we first draw a straight line connecting the head to the left side of the body. Then we draw another line connecting the leftmost edge of the oblong towards the body. Make sure the second line curves a little bit inward towards the head. Kangaroos have relatively thick necks so make sure both lines have adequate space in between them.

Step 3: Draw the Outline of the Eyes and Leg

Third step on how to draw a kangaroo.

Let’s draw the eye first. To do this, draw a small circle inside the head. Draw the circle slightly aligned to the first line of the neck we’ve previously drawn. As for the leg, draw two parallel lines at the center and bottom edge of the body. On the left line, draw a horizontal line. This line would be the base for the foot so make sure you estimate how long it would become. 

Step 4: Draw the Nose and Mouth

Fourth step on how to draw a kangaroo.

For the nose, we draw a line curving upwards and inwards on the leftmost part of the head. Make sure to draw the line while imagining a small nose for the kangaroo. For the mouth, we draw another line curving upwards and inwards but this time it starts a the base part of the head. 

In this step, we also draw the outline of the hand and foot of our kangaroo. For the hand, draw a small oblong below the head and beside the base of the neck. For the foot, draw a curve line over the horizontal line we’ve drawn earlier, starting on the leftmost point of the line to the right. Let’s draw another line similar to the first one, but this time draw the line under. 

Step 5: Add the Arm and Leg

Fifth step on how to draw a kangaroo.

Now let’s add the arm, we do this by connecting the small oblong towards the body of the kangaroo. From the small oblong, draw two lines curved to the left and upwards. For the leg, connect the lines properly and erase the horizontal line in between the two curved lines we’ve drawn in the previous step.

Step 6: Erase Extra Lines

Sixth step on how to draw a kangaroo.

Now, let’s clean up some unnecessary lines. We do this by erasing the lines on the foot and on the hand of the kangaroo. Erase the left part of the small oblong to open it up toward the arm. We do the same on the upper part of the foot to open it up towards the leg.

Step 7: Draw the Tail

Seventh step on how to draw a kangaroo.

The kangaroo has a long and strong tail. To create this, draw an L-shaped line starting from the right edge of the body downwards and outwards towards the ground. 

Step 8: Add the Ears

Eight step on how to draw a kangaroo.

To complete the kangaroo’s tail we’ve drawn in Step 7, we draw another line from the body near the leg downwards to the right meeting the first line we’ve drawn for the tail. For the ears, we draw two long oblongs on top of the head of the kangaroo. Make sure you draw them overlapping on the head of the kangaroo. 

Step 9: Add the Right Arm

Ninth step on how to draw a kangaroo.

To draw another arm, we draw another small oblong just above the first arm we’ve drawn. Just like before, we also connect the small oblong to the body of the kangaroo. To clean up, we again erase the right side of the small oblong to open it up towards the arm. We also clean up the parts where the ears have overlapped. We do this by erasing all the lines that overlap on the ears.

Step 10: Erase More Lines

Tenth step on how to draw a kangaroo.

We continue to erase more lines on the kangaroo’s arm to make the drawing clean. We also add another leg parallel to the first leg that we’ve drawn earlier. Make sure you draw the other leg just above the first one.

Step 11: Add More Details

Eleventh step on how to draw a kangaroo.

Let’s add one more tiny detail on the ears. We do this by drawing a small oblong inside the ear of the kangaroo. Let’s also add more details on the hands and feet of our kangaroo. Draw two lines in each hand and foot to form the kangaroo’s fingers!

Step 12: Finish up!

Easy steps on how to draw a kangaroo.

To finish your drawing, you can color your own kangaroo orange, red, grey, or light to dark brown. The kangaroo’s color depends on the species they belong to. Fun fact, their fur is thick and short. This coat helps them adapt to their environment in the Australian landscape.

And finally, that’s it! Congratulations on creating your very own kangaroo drawing!

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