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How to Draw an Airplane in 7 Easy Steps (for Kids)

Easy steps in drawing an airplane.

Growing up, I used to be very fond of airplanes. I mean, who wasn’t? The noise that we’d hear to signal a plane either taking off or landing is something that we all looked forward to. It’s no surprise that our kids are equally fond of the same thing as they are growing up. This is why I know for a fact that they’ll enjoy going through with this airplane drawing tutorial.

How to Draw an Airplane

Easy steps in drawing an airplane.


  • Pencil
  • Paper


Step 1: Draw the Body

Draw the body of the plane.

Start by drawing a large imperfect oval shape that represents the airplane’s body. The shape should be larger on one side and sharper on the other side. This is so you can emphasize where the tail and nose of the airplane will be.

Step 2: Draw the Nose

Draw the nose of the plane.

Start with a basic circle going around the eye; make sure that the eye is positioned where you want Next, draw another curved line near the larger side of the shape. Start by dividing the larger side of the shape into three imaginary parts. Start drawing the curve in the second portion down to the bottom of the shape. This will be your guide in finishing the nose of the airplane.

Step 3: Add the Tail

Add the tail of the plane.

In this step, you will add one of the tails of the airplane what is known as a vertical stabilizer. You can do this by drawing a shape that looks like a shark’s fin. Draw the shape on the back part, near the sharper edge of the airplane.

Step 4: Add the Smaller Tail

Add the small tail of the plane.

The arm starts at an angle down from the head and curves around with three little fingers before For this step, you will need to draw the other tail of the airplane or more commonly known as the horizontal stabilizer. You can achieve this by drawing the smaller shape of step three. But this time, you will draw it horizontally. After that one, you need to remove the overlapping lines for a clearer shape.

Step 5: Add the Wings

Add the wings of the plane.

Next, we will add the wings by drawing a surfboard-like shape on top of the larger side of the airplane. You can do this by drawing the shape at a 45-degree angle going past through the body of the plane. And, make sure to draw the right wing longer than the left side to create a more realistic airplane.

Step 6: Finish the Wing

Remove extra lines and add detail of the wing.

Now let us finish the details on the airplane’s wing! This step is necessary to emphasize the wings and the nose of your airplane. You can do this by removing extra lines and closing one part of the wings by adding a simple line. The line should be drawn a few distances above the belly of the plane.

Step 7: Add the Windows

Easy steps in drawing an airplane.

The last step is to draw the windows of your airplane by drawing small circles inside the body. The circles should be smaller from one side and grow bigger as it comes near the cockpit. As for the cockpit part, simply add an incomplete oval shape and draw it on top of the nose.

Once everything is done, remove extra lines to achieve a perfect airplane drawing. That’s it! Congratulations on drawing your own airplane!


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