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How to Draw a Flag in 6 Easy Steps

Easy steps in drawing a flag.

Every nation has a flag, which is a symbol found in many different tribes around the world. To represent a territory, a piece of cloth with a certain pattern, color, and design is fastened to a pole. 

We have different types of flags, like the National flag, which symbolizes our country, the Ensign flag used on ships, the ceremonial flag used at military parades, and many more. Flags symbolize marking your territory and give a sense of belonging to a particular nation, city, or club.

For instance, anytime a member of a political party sees the flag of their own party, they feel a sense of belonging. Similarly, a nation’s citizens would feel a sense of pride in their flag. The characteristics that define this sense of belonging are shared beliefs, goals, and rules.

Early in the 18 century, flags were flown to declare sovereignty and to let others know that the area was theirs. In other words, it was their possession. 

Now, Do you want to make your own Flag? Great, this step-by-step tutorial will help you in making your own flag.


How to Draw a Flag

Easy steps in drawing a flag.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Draw the Flag Holder

Standing line, first step in drawing a flag.

Flag holders are very important because without them we cannot hang our flag on the flagpole. With that, before we draw the flag let’s prepare its holder. To draw the holder, you just simply draw the vertical line on your paper. The size of the holder will be up to you.  

Step 2: Complete the Flag Holder

Drawing a flag pole.

In continuation of the flag holder, let’s draw another vertical line parallel to the first vertical line that you made earlier. Then after that, enclose the two vertical lines with a short curved line on the bottom and top of it.

Step 3: Draw the Flag

Third step in drawing a flag.

Now that we are done with our flag holder, we can now start drawing our favorite flag. On the upper portion of the holder draw a horizontal line from the holder going in the opposite direction. If you want a bigger one then you may.

Step 4: Add more Details

Drawing the base of the flag.

Let’s continue making our flag by drawing another horizontal line on the middle part of the holder. Make sure that the size is the same size as the horizontal line that you’ve drawn on the top. To make your flag more presentable.

Step 5: Complete the Flag

Complete the flag with detail.

Hurray, we are almost done with your flag. This time we’ll enclose your flag with the use of a slanting line. From the horizontal line in the top, draw a slanting going down to the middle part of the flag. Then another slanting line from the horizontal line on the bottom goes upward. Make sure that these two slanting lines will meet in the center. 

Step 6: Finish up!

Final step in drawing a flag with colors.

To finish your drawing, let’s put color to your flag. In doing this, just simply imagine you are making your own flag in your tribe or for your own nation. Fill free to choose the color you want. You can pick your favorite color for your flag and add art to it. Just make sure that the colors are good to look at. Congratulations kiddos!


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