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How to Draw a Dragon in 13 Easy Steps

Drawing a dragon in easy steps.

The dragon is a mythical being found in the worlds of myth, legend, and fantasy. Chinese culture, European culture, South American culture, and many more all include dragon tales. Dragons may resemble dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Because of this, it is simple to imagine that those creatures could have served as an illustration for dragons as they were perceived throughout human history. In various cultures, dragons come in a wide variety of varieties. China has a different description of a dragon. For them, dragons symbolize wealth, power, and leadership.

Others may think that this magnificent creature isn’t simple, however, we have this step-by-step how-to draw a dragon lesson that will help you draw your own in no time! Just simply follow the 13 steps and you will love the result of your hard work. 

How to Draw a Dragon

Drawing a dragon in easy steps.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Coloring material


Step 1: Outline the Head and the Body

Two circles first step in drawing dragon.

Begin the outline of the dragon’s head and body. We will be using the oblong shape for the head and the body. To do this, draw a small horizontal oblong shape on the upper right portion. For the body, draw oblong on the middle portion of the paper. 

Step 2: Draw the Eye Guide

Second step in drawing a dragon.

The head is already done. Now, let’s draw the eye guide for the eyes of the dragon. To do this, draw two circles on the upper portion of the head. The right circle will overlap with the upper right portion of the dragon’s head. 

Step 3: Add the Eyeballs and the Mouth

Third step in drawing a dragon.

In continuation with the eye guide, this time we will add the eyeballs inside each eye guide. Draw a shaded crescent shape inside each eye guide. After completing the eyeball, draw the letter C under the eyes. This will serve as the mouth of the dragon. 

Step 4: Add the Tail and Neck

Adding the Tail and Neck.

Dragons have usually a long neck, draw two curved lines to form the neck of the dragon. We do this starting from the lower portion of the head and going down to the body. Then, do the same draw from the lower left side of the head going to the upper right side of the body.

For the tail, we will be using a V-shape to it. Draw a V-shape that is slightly curved on the bottom part to connect to the back portion of the dragon. See the reference image above for you to be guided.

Step 5: Remove Extra Lines

Adding detail to the dragon's eye.

The next thing that we need to do is to remove extra lines in your drawing. Erase the line that separates the tail and the body. Also, erase the line that separates the neck and the body. Make sure that all part of the dragon is still connected after you erase some lines on it.

Step 6: Add Spiky

Adding spikes to the dragon's back.

This spiky thing on the head will add beauty to its dragon. Draw this spiky thing using a small, inverted V-shape on the top of the head. Now, start drawing the connected V-shape from the upper portion of the head until you reach the lower neck of the dragon.

Step 7: Draw the Legs

drawing legs to the dragon.

To draw the legs, we will just simply use a U-shape with a curved line on the middle part. Start doing the front leg inside the lower portion of the body, draw a thin U shape then curve on the middle part of it. Same with the back leg, draw a U shape inside the lower portion of the body then eventually curve on the middle part. These two legs will go beyond the lower body. 

Step 8: Add Details

Adding details to the dragon's feet.

Let’s add details to the legs of our dragon. On the tip of the legs, draw a small circle each and make sure that the circle will fit the distance between the two lines. Then, erase the curve on the U shape to connect the legs to the body.

Step 9: Add Legs

Ninth step in drawing the dragon.

Sketch another set of legs for the dragon. Start the leg on the back portion, beside the first leg, and draw another curved line same curve as the first legs. On the front leg, draw two curved lines from the upper, and bottom parts of the body.

Step 10: Draw the Wings and complete the legs

Drawing the wings of the dragon.

Wings are used to fly. Sketch two long curved lines. First, the curved line will start from the upper portion of the body. The second curved line must draw on the lower portion of the first curved line. This second curved line will overlap the upper portion of the body.  Then add two curved lines from the second curved line going downward. Draw two circles that have been drawn in step 9.

Step 11: Complete the Wings

Drawing the details of the dragon wings.

For the first wing, just continue the curved line then connect it to the second wing. For the second wing, draw a big letter V in between the two lines that you’ve drawn in the second wing then connect the letter V to the two curved lines. Make the second wing thicker, so just simply draw another curve line. Then connect the lines with another set of curved lines.

Step 12: Add Details

Twelfth step in drawing a dragon.

In this step, we will add some details to the tail of the dragon, using an inverted teardrop. On the tip of the tail, I want you to draw a teardrop that will overlap with the bottom part of the tail. Then after that, erase the line that overlaps with the tail.

Step 13: Finish up!

Final step in drawing a dragon with color.

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to draw a dragon. Now, the only thing left for this tutorial is to color your drawing output. Find a color that suits your dragon. Make sure that the color combination will is good for it. After that, you may now display your output inside your house. 


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